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For a long time, kids with dyslexia were overlooked in the classroom. It was assumed that they just weren’t very bright, or that they were disruptive due to bad behaviour rather than frustration. This is no longer the case, and teachers are now highly trained to spot the signs of dyslexia, and they can adapt their classroom to accommodate the needs of all students. There’s no reason for dyslexic students not to thrive these days, and the online resources and apps below can all prove to be a massive help to students dealing with dyslexia.

1.     Starfall

For younger kids who are learning to read with dyslexia, this is a great website. It’s entirely free, it’s colourful, it’s user-friendly and it’s just fun. This is great for dyslexic children in particular as it helps with phonics and phonemic awareness, which makes reading a lot easier.

2.     Anagram Scrabble

This is a great resource because it is actually a game. While it could help a dyslexic child, it could also be played by other kids or adults to pass the time, so they won’t feel marginalised or patronised. The best thing about this is that you are given the words as anagrams, so your child gets to focus on de-jumbling the letters.

3.     Nessy

One of the best parts of Nessy is that it is designed to be fun above everything else, so you child won’t feel like they’re being punished for extra work, and they can enjoy learning to read, write, and spell.

4.     Easy Word Count

One inescapable truth is that your child may sit for hours avoiding really doing anything, and be procrastinating while they should be studying. This website means you can monitor how much reading or writing they’ve done, and make sure they stick to targets you’ve agreed upon.

5.    Academised

Sometimes it’s difficult for a dyslexic child to hand in a paper to a teacher – they may be embarrassed about mistakes. Fortunately, there are a lot of online courses, videos, and even tutors who are available to help your student out, and who can make your child feel completely comfortable.

6.     Define Time

This is a great game where you can check that your child understands the meaning of the words they’re spelling. It’s great for kids who may get confused with homonyms, and is set against the clock makes it feel like a real game.

7.     Paper Fellows

Sometimes, a parent may not have the experience to support their dyslexic child when it comes to written work. However, the community of experts and professionals available in the forums on this website can provide helpful advice and inspiration.

8.     Books Should Be Free

This is a great resource as it is absolutely free, and provides access to a whole host of storybooks. You may want to read them to your child, or your child may enjoy exploring the audio books that they can listen to independently.

9.     Frog’s Rhyming Machine

This is a great website for dyslexic students, and in a completely different format to other games, as this requires them to be able to quickly read words and sound them out which can help them with their reading generally.


Parents of dyslexic students may want to encourage their students to read, and also want to make certain English class assignments easier. Having access to a wide range of audiobooks for free with this app can make this all possible, and really help to inspire your child.

While you may need to make some changes to adapt to the needs of a dyslexic child, the resources above can ensure that they receive a great education, and can enjoy learning as much as their peers.

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