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If youre looking for some cool and refreshing entertainment for your Brisbane Kids then you will want to head to Flagstone Water Park located in the vicinity of the Flagstone Adventure Playground near Jimboomba, around 45 minutes south of Brisbane. Imagine one of Brisbane’s best adventure playgrounds, then add a waterpark, then add free for everybody and you can assume this is going to be a very popular place over the warmer months of the year. (Note: The playground is located in Logan City, part of the greater Brisbane region) 

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The Fun 

Flagstone Water Park is an impressive sight, featuring 3 tree-like structures of various sizes all providing different water forms of water fun including jets, waterfalls and tipping buckets all connected by a  single watercourse.  

flagstone water park and play

The largest structure is 10 metres tall and features a raised platform and a huge dump of water at regular intervals to keep braver Brisbane Kids refreshed.  There are also water cannons that Brisbane Kids can turn and twist to aim at others. 

dumping bucket of water on kids  

Brisbane Kids will be entertained for hours by the different types of falling, bubbling, spraying and dumping water, all with no areas of pooling water to keep it safer for even the youngest visitors

Flagstone Water Park Fact sheet

  • Flagstone Water Park features a 10m climbable treehouse water feature
  • cascading tree-shaped waterfalls
  • a ‘zero-depth’ watercourse with jets, blasters and bubblers
  • toilet facilities
  • A a kiosk serving coffee, snacks and cold drinks right by the water park
  • shade sails feature over much of the play area (you will still need hats, sun-safe swimwear and suncream
  • in line with the Council’s sustainability policy, water use is minimised by recycling, filtering and sanitising. Evaporation is reduced through a combination of shade sails and non-porous surfaces
  • admission is free. It will be open from 7:30am to 7:30pm every day through to April 1
  • Flagstone Adventure playground is just metres away (read below)

flagsone water park amenities

Flagstone Adventure Playground

After the kids have exhausted themselves with water fun, you can rest assured there is still plenty of fun to be had at the Flagstone Adventure Playground, so make sure you pack a towel, some dry clothes, and a picnic for hours of fun! (This image shows how close the adventure park and the water park are to each other)

flagstone water park jimboomba

Highlights of Flagstone adventure playground

  • A tower themed playground with suspension bridges
  • Climbing nets, Merry-go-rounds, swings, trampolines and incredible slides
  • Flying foxes, skate plaza, basketball court, and a toddler playground
  • Off-street parking, toilets and there is a dog park nearby

 Read our review of Flagstone Adventure Park 

How to get to Flagstone Water Park

The Flagstone Water Play Park is be located at the Flagstone Regional Rec Park, in Flagstonian Drive, Undullah, next to the skate plaza, dog park and course one of South East Queensland’s most epic adventure playgrounds. You can reach Flagstone by heading towards Jimboomba. It is located around 50 minutes from Brisbane City. 


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