Flagstone Adventure Park

flagstone adventure park

Flagstone’s Adventure Park may have cost $12 million dollars, but does it live up to the hype? YES!

Please note the big slides are currently closed, however there is so much to do in this playground, don’t let that deter your adventure.

Flagstone Adventure Park Playground

Taking centre stage is the colourful 11-metre high tower with a suspension bridge and three massive tunnel slides. Kids can either climb the near-vertical stairs, use a rope ladder or navigate their way up the large climbing net to the top.

Once they reach the top of the playground, kids can get a bird’s eye view of the park and revel in the feeling of being on top of the world. The adventure continues as they clamber across the suspension bridges and come back to ground via available slippery slides.

flagstone adventure park drawbridge

slide at flgastone adventure park

Flagstone Adventure Park has a whole-family design approach, and kids of all ages will enjoy the different challenges on offer.

For the little kids, it has numerous climbing opportunities that encourage safe independence with bridges to cross, tunnels to crawl through, and various slides to match their courage. There are sunken tunnels to hide in, challenging climbing nets and even a reading area.  Younger children may need supervision when scaling the towers as there are gaps in the floor to allow access up. 

toddler playground flagstone, brisbane park

For older kids, there is the expanse of aerial adventure, slides and challenging climbing routes to enjoy.  Back down on the ground, kids can test out the in-ground trampoline, spin on one of three merry go rounds, or race their friends on the twin flying foxes.

There are eight swings, including two basket swings and two toddler swings.

Don’t forget to pack the scooters and bikes, because Flagstone Adventure Park also features a mini skate plaza with mini ramps, a vertical ramp, grind boxes and grind rails. Paths with roadway markings weave in and out of the playground elements.

A large, flat grassy area with basketball hoops which also double as soccer goals is perfect for a friendly game of soccer, kicking a ball around or tag. It’s just a lot of space to have fun.

Flagstone Water Park

Adjacent to the Flagstone Adventure Park is the Flagstone Water Park which is equally impressive and has a cafe if you want to get some coffee. it is so huge and with so many features that it has its own review you can read here Flagstone Water Park review

toddler playground flagstone, brisbane park

The Imagination Factor

The story time area is lovely and unusual because it adds another layer to what is already an incredible space of creativity for children. We would encourage you to take some books from home and perhaps use this as a segway to finish off play for the day.

reading area at flagstone


Concrete paths are running throughout the park, connecting the carpark, toilets, and playground. One of the merry go rounds is flush with the ground and is large enough for a wheelchair. Although there are no harnessed swings, there are two basket swings. Thanks to the size of the playground and its popularity, there is an adequate number of toilets, with disability stalls.

Owing to the sheer size of the park it can be hard to keep a check on children especially when you have more than one. Flagstone Adventure Park playground is unfenced, although the playing field and skate park act as a buffer between the play area and the carpark.

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Other things to consider

Sheltered tables and chairs are provided, and there are plenty of sandstone blocks to sit on. However, there are no barbecues as yet. Bins are scarce, so it would be wise to be prepared to take your own rubbish home.

Dogs are permitted on leads as there is an off-leash dog park over the road.

Flagstone Adventure Park Features

  • Tower construction with suspension bridges
  • Three epic tunnel slides
  • Large climbing net
  • Three merry go rounds
  • Inground trampoline
  • Eight swings including two toddler swings and two basket swings
  • Two flying foxes
  • Sunken tunnel
  • Small caterpillar climbing frame suited to toddlers
  • Dedicated toddler play fort
  • Three small slides
  • Skate Plaza
  • Basketball half court
  • Playing field with soccer goals and basketball hoops
  • Concrete paths for scooters and bikes
  • Partially shaded
  • Bark, woodchip and sand base
  • Accessible toilets
  • Off street parking
  • Water bubblers
  • Sheltered table and chairs
  • No BBQs
  • Not many bins – be prepared to take your own rubbish home
  • Dog park over the road

How to get here

Flagstone Adventure Park is located on Trailblazer Drive, Jimboomba QLD 4280

Photos of Flagstone Adventure Park


After working up a sweat why not check out Orion Lagoon on the way home. It’s a fantastic pool with shallow sections for the smaller kids and deeper water for the more boisterous. We hope you enjoy Flagstone Adventure Park just as much as we enjoyed reviewing it.

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