Fireman Sam Themed Party Ideas

fireman sam

If you have a child who is a huge fan of Fireman Sam or simply dreams of being a fire-fighter then you are going to love these ideas! Perhaps you are planning a Fireman themed nursery or simply want to make over an existing bedroom or even jazz up a playroom to be fire-fighter themed. Whether you take one idea or take them all, we know that kids everywhere (boys and girls) are going to LOVE the fireman themed ideas we have for you!

The Ultimate Present — > A Firetruck Bed

Yes you could build one but why when you can pick them up at stores like Bambino Home. Bambino Home have heaps of kids beds but their firetruck bed for toddlers is one of our favourites.

fireman bed


Fire Themed Food

How simple and genius is this idea from the Journey of Parenthood which is all about position and signage not to mention colour! 


Fireman Game

Check out this fun idea for a fire themed party- a very simple “put out the fire” with cardboard. Found on Pinterest 

fire themed game

Fireman Food and Decorating

Aside from the impressive centrepiece what we like here from The Pink Peach is the fruit skewers which support the fire theme and provide a nice and healthy but awesome looking party food.

fireman food

Fire Themed Favours

What a cute and affordable idea! Knitting Pretty has the right idea on keeping it simple! You can buy bubble containers like this all over ebay and party stores including spotlight and simply print your own fire themed labels!

fire themed favours

Adopt a Puppy

The dalmatian has long had a connection with fire-fighters and if you want a nice soft (non sugary) party treat at the end of your celebration then this is a lovely idea. I would expect you could find them quite inexpensive in comparison to lolly bags if you sourced them online. This one was uploaded to pinterest by a clever mama.

dalmation party favour

More Fire Themed Decorating

Simple and easy we stumbled across these beauties on Emilies Christmas Joy – you can probably even find a printable online and contact it onto a craft store bucket. 

food fire decorating party

Edible Firesticks

How simple are these chocolate dipped pretzel sticks we discovered on Greenacres Hobby Farm along with host of other party ideas.

pretzel firesticks

Fire Cupcakes

These super easy and very impressive cupcakes would be ideal for someone with lots of little tots with developing fine motor skills- easy to hold and easy to eat – pinned direct on Pinterest by a very creative mum!

fire cupcakes

Firetruck Pinata

I know it doesn’t look like it but this pinata is something you can make yourself at home! Small Friendly have kindly provided instructions for what will be the talk of the party!


Fireman Invite

You can’t very well have a birthday party without inviting people so lucky for you How To For Less has a heap of free printable fire themed invites. Check out their site for other party related printables too!



Rope Party Favour

How cool is this idea for a party favour from 100 Layer Cakelet. This is a great non lolly party favour alternative that I could see working at lots of different themed parties.

skipping rope favour


Oreo Fire Truck Wheel Treats

Catch My Party always has the best ideas for parties and this is no exception. Of-course i’ts the attention to detail that ensures these are seen as truck wheels and not something else but we love them! Once again you could use this idea in other parties, dipping the oreos into icing colours that suit.

fire truck wheels

Fire Touches

Lets admit that the more you get into this fire party idea the more fun it becomes! We just love the idea of randomly decorating everything in orange, red and yellow – this picture is from Paper and Cake

fire decorating

The Fireman Sam Cake

To us what will define a Fireman Sam party to a general firefighter party will be the accessories and the cake. This cake is one example of tons you could get made- this one was found on pinterest.

fireman sam cake

Firefighter Cake

If you have an older Brisbane Kid then Fireman Sam might be a little too young for a theme so we included this awesome cake from cake central. Look at the details of the flames, how amazing is this!

firefighter cake

Fireman Party Game Ideas

Most of the ideas we saw online had kids in them (which means we can’t show them) so we thought we would list some of the best ideas here for you!

  • Fill the bucket with water game. Empty bucket at one end, full bucket at the other, transfer the water in a soup ladle (or other vessel) as quickly as you can. First team to reach a set level wins!
  • Obstacle course. Be a fire-fighter and run through the obstacles to reach the fire! Best idea ever is to include a ladder lying on the ground to step through and a painters tunnel if you can find one!
  • We have seen lots of cardboard walls painted as bricks and a plastic axe used to knock it down
  • Pin the hose on the truck
  • Drop and roll (similar to musical statues/freeze)
  • Race the Firetrucks. This one requires a heap of prep but would be fun and could double as a party favour if you were willing to make x number of cardboard firetrucks. Good luck with that one 🙂
  • Rescue the cat up the ladder. It’s as it sounds. Find a ladder, find a tree and preferably a stuffed animal cat to place at a reasonable height to be rescued. Very cool photo opportunity
  • Hire a Fire Truck. In most cities you will find fire trucks for hire- well worth checking out.
  • See if you can organise a visit to the local fire station.
  • Waterbombing games with yellow, red and orange water balloons

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