Fenced Parks in Brisbane

Fenced Parks in Brisbane

First of all there aren’t many Fenced Playgrounds in Brisbane. In our opinion it is a sad case of council and developers forgetting about the real people that use these facilities. To help you find one we have created a list of Fenced Playgrounds in Brisbane.

Here are the playgrounds we know that are fenced… if you know of more fenced parks in Brisbane then email them to [email protected]. If we don’t list the playground we would love some photos and in exchange will send you a favourite kids book in return as part of our Dob in a Playground giveaway

  1. Albany Creek Library Playground
  2. Leslie Patrick Park, Arana Hills
  3. Oriel Park, Ascot
  4. Whites Hill Reserve, Camp Hill
  5. Pelican Park, Clontarf
  6. Grahame Stewart Park, Currimundi
  7. Everton Park Hotel Playground, Everton Park
  8. Honour Park, East Ipswich
  9. Hawthorne Park, Hawthorne
  10. Limestone Park, Ipswich
  11. Svoboda Park, Kuraby
  12. Pioneer Park, Landsborough
  13. Logan Gardens, Logan Central
  14. Milton Park Playground, Milton
  15. Lockrose Street Park, Mitchelton
  16. Westfield North Lakes Playground, North Lakes
  17. Neal Mccrossan Park, Paddington
  18. Einbunpin Lagoon Parklands, Sandgate
  19. Scarborough Beach Park, Scarborough
  20. Grande Park, Springfield
  21. Discovery Park, Springfield Lakes
  22. Keong Park and Turner Playground, Stafford
  23. Pine Rivers Park, Strathpine
  24. Suttons Beach Park, Suttons Beach
  25. Arnwood Place, Tarragindi
  26. Sarbi Park, Warner
  27. Lions Park, Woorim

Who do we think would benefit from Fenced Playgrounds in Brisbane?

  • All Mums and Dads- thats right- every single mum would benefit from Fenced Playgrounds in Brisbane simply because of the safety factor.
  • Mums and Dads of kids with special needs, especially those with ASD and ADHD where verbal direction is not effective in creating boundaries.
  • Mums and Dads with kids of multiples. Lets face it, how can one mum chase two kids in the opposite direction?
  • Mums and Dads with kids of similar ages- same reason as above
  • Mums and Dads with babies and kids, because leaving a baby by themselves to chase a toddler is a safety risk
  • Pregnant mums with kids, because running while pregnant is a safety issue
  • Mums and Dads with Special Needs because they may not be able to run after their kids
SO lets face it ALL playgrounds should be fenced- and they should have toilets, infact we believe most parents would support less playgrounds if it meant more were fenced. It seems that developers in new estates are often expected to build playgrounds, and create token offerings, but there obviously need to be more regulations in place. We have even been to playgrounds off main roads or next to canals that aren’t fenced- CRAZY! We need more fenced playgrounds in Brisbane!
fenced playgrounds in brisbane

We will continue to voice our need for more fenced playgrounds in Brisbane. If you feel the same way we do then we suggest you  have a chat to your local member of parliament.

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31 responses to “Fenced Parks in Brisbane”

  1. Renee says:

    I took my girls to a park on Riding Rd at Hawthorne yesterday (not sure of the name of it)that was fenced & had a great different range of equipment. It was great to know that they couldn’t escape!

  2. Natalie says:

    I totally agree that more parks should be fenced, but my main disgruntle with the parks of brisbane is the lack of toilets. whats the point of building these you-beaut big parks (perth st, camp hill; bulimba memorial park (well the toilets are like 1km away!); riding rd hawthorne, love st hawthorne, hawthorne ferry parks; i could go on) if there are no toilets there! It means that a) we have to let our kids go on the grass and b) when us big people need to go, we have to pack up and go home. It just doesnt make sense.

  3. Janet says:

    Hi there- which one is pictured?

  4. Danielle Meaden says:

    There is a great fenced park in Clontarf called Pelican Park. Right near a beach also so kids can have a paddle. My 2 year old twins love it!! I have some pictures if you would like them.

  5. Josie says:

    I really think every playground should be fenced but to be honest I never really thought about it until I read this article. This has prompted me to send a letter to my local MP to perhaps suggest that more fenced parks be put in our area. Its a safety thing! They have ample fenced area’s for dogs, so why not have them for children? Thanks Brisbanekids!

  6. jennifer streader says:

    Leichhardt/One mile park on old toowoomba rd, Leichhardt, in Ipswich, has a fully fenced two section playground, one for smaller kids and the other for older kids. has a shaded sandpit with digger, see-saw, swings, shaded fort with slides, long range flying fox, a peddle go round type thing for bigger kids, plus more. it also boasts two shaded eating area’s both with bbq’s and the park has restroom area’s in clear view of parents all inside the fenced area. at the back of the park is also a field ideal for a game of cricket or football with the family. plenty of parking, close to buses and shops.

  7. As a Nana l wanted to express the need for fenced Playgrounds. l find it very difficult when l am feeding a baby lunch and the other young Grandchild wants to play after his.
    Safety is such a big factor to me, it means that we stay home in the small yard l have.
    We would love to spend time close to home in a fenced playground or Park.

  8. Laura says:

    To me the safety issue comes down to dog faeces an children. I am appalled that there is no fencing in playgrounds and that people walk their dogs and allow them to foul on school playing fields!! How disgusting and dirty. Children can be blinded (seriously) by faeces that contain worms from dogs fouling in play areas. Australia, you need to catch up with the rest of the world on this issue.

  9. Angela says:

    Sooo i went to pine rivers park the other weekend cause it was fenced….and its pointless!! no1 closed the gates again…EXCEPT me after everyone else….what is wrong with people?? clearly theres gates for a reason..sooo close them! im going to write to someone about it…..like provide self closing gates or something! I couldnt really enjoy myself cause i was running around closing gates after people just INCASE i lost sight of my 15 month old…they are super quick 😛

  10. Erin Power says:

    My husband designs parks as a part of his profession (landscape architect) having children he is conscious of families needs and often suggests fences and toilets in his plans which some developers agree with, however Councils vito them due to maintenance issues. Even when parks are in estates and paid for by developers they are handed over to council to be maintained. We need to target Councils if we want standards to change.

  11. Karen says:

    Yes Angela I go to Pine Rivers Park and am sick of people/kids not closing gates. Also people nicked some hinges off one the gates (the one near the toilets) so it didn’t close. It did get fixed after a few weeks to one month.

    One day I went to leslie patrick park and that is closed for construction. Then I took the boys to Albany creek Library park and it was terrible. That park needs a serious rebuild. Its a dump! So took them back to Pine rivers park…

    I will only take my boys to fenced parks..

  12. Karen says:

    The one pictured is scarborough beach park!

  13. I created a database of local Parks in the Greater Springfield area eg Springfield, Camira, Goodna, Redbank Plains, Forest Lake basically any suburb nearby or adjoining our region.
    Why? because I found that having a baby there were often not many parks that had swings suitable for a baby and now she’s a toddler she likes small slides and ride on equipment. The Council Data base eg Brisbane & Ipswich just say Playground equipment so I thought that really doesn’t constitute an accurate description of a data base it doesn’t provide too much data. So rather than complain I made my own. https://www.facebook.com/parks4us come & check it out.

    This database aims to provide parents with an informative description about the age suitability of local parks and to provide parents with details about the parks location as well as the facilities contained in the park so that parents can make an informed decision before visiting the park. Parks are a great way for children to exercise comfortably & safely, they provide an avenue for social interaction and an opportunity meet new friends. They provide a free venue for families to socialise and entertain with many parks providing bbq’s and picnic tables. Parks are for us and our children.
    This database will enable you to upload photos and makes comments about your local park. For example, the location address, the type of softfall, bark chip, sand or rubber matting, the type of swings bucket for babies toddlers and strap swings for older children, monkey bars climbing frames, fenced or unfenced, ride on equipment eg bouncing toys, sea saws shade cover, bike paths, picnic tables bbq’s & covered tables, drinking taps and toilets are just some of the things parents need to know when deciding on which park to visit.
    You can even write a comment to share with others about the park which will make it very user friendly.

    Whilst I respect the view that some parks could be fenced that probably won’t happen. But I’ve had a meeting with my local council and we’ve come up with some criteria for fencing of parks a) if it’s near water & b) located on a busy road. So the only way to change this is to lobby council not parliament as it’s council who maintains the parks.

  14. Nat from Mums n Bubs - Logan says:

    In reference to fenced parks… Middle Park on Middle Road at Boronia Heights is also fenced 🙂

  15. Alexandra says:

    There’s a small fenced park at the bottom of Ekibin Rd at Annerley as well – it’s not huge but it is pretty good and nicely shaded. No toilets nearby though. I totally agree – as a Family Day Care mum it would be so convenient to be able to take the kids to the park regularly but with none in my local area it always requires half an hour in the car each way with 4 kids – our local playground is fantastic but it’s on the river and a main road – two huge hazards – not worth the risk!!

  16. Ann-marie says:

    Well we’ve just got home from the ascot park. A lovely spot and fully fenced. I’m new to Brisbane and have two young children and was delighted that I could let them run around and investigate whilst remaining safe. Are there many more like this one?? We had such a good morning and stress free one!!!

  17. Tammy says:

    I am a Brisbane northside local and believe there are not enough good quality fenced playgrounds in Brisbane. I recently had to take a trip up north with 5 children and stopped at Gympie for toilet breaks and to let the kids stretch their legs. There is a new fenced section at the old duck park and it would have to be the best fenced park i have ever seen. Well done Gympie and Brisbane take a good look and how about stepping up to the plate.

  18. Amy says:

    I don’t know, all this talk about fencing in our kids. Perhaps we are being a bit overly protective. So what if they run off, provided its not too close to a road? When I played as a kid there were no fences and I remember been told off by other adults about been too close to the road. I reckon kids need more freedom, not less.

  19. As mother to a 1 year old and 2 year old, fenced parks make the experience much more enjoyable. Today I posted my first protest for more fenced parks! http://www.housewifeinheels.com/2012/11/13/fenced-parks-in-brisbane/

  20. Fran Jones says:

    After having lived in Sydney for close to four years with three little ones, I was thrilled that all the children’s parks down there were completely fenced. It was fantastic – we had so many to choose from. Coming home to Brisbane was a huge disappointment that hardly any parks were fenced up here. My husband and I complained to our local council and in return all we got was a letter weeks later, saying it wasn’t council policy to fence the parks!! Not good enough!!! Why fence the dogs parks and not not kids parks??? And in fact I did take my children to the one at Bulimba but the gate was broken and couldn’t be closed anyway!! I find it appalling!

  21. Fran Jones says:

    Also, I’ve heard there’s a fenced one at Capalaba – does anyone know of this one??

    • Brie says:

      Yes it is partially fenced down the bottom half but once the kids climb up to the top section it isnt fenced. It’s a great park but lacks alot of shade! Lots to do there with a duck pond and large walking track great for bike and scooter riding!!

  22. simone says:

    very grateful for this post. We have just moved to Brisbane and with having a 3yr old with autism who is a runner & will try to escape with a blink & then a 2yr old that copies him finding fully fenced playgrounds that are suitable felt so impossible. Will check these out! thank you so much!

  23. Kylie says:

    Amy – I know what you are saying and now that I’m trying to campaign for fenced parks in the Redland region, I started to wonder why I want my kids to be fenced in… the reason is that other parents turn a blind eye. We no longer live in a society where other adults will tell your child off if they get too close to the road or the water. And if you have active children, it’s far to easy for one to “disappear” while you are busy with the other.

    I’m the mother of two, with my oldest son having ASD. I have a fairly simple rule – unless we can go to a fenced area, I don’t go anywhere if I don’t have at least one adult per child. It’s just too risky otherwise.

  24. Mother of Autistic child says:

    I have a 4 year old autistic son who has the developmental age of a 12 month old, so no sense of danger but the speed and strength of a 4 year old!! I have yet to find a fenced park on the south side. There are lovely new parks in the Shailer Park area but none of them are fenced and they all have car parking right beside the play area. What should be an enjoyable experience is very stressful. Also, regarding toilets, I agree, they need to be part of the facilities of a park, but moreover, what about providing change areas for older kids who are not yet toilet trained. I can’t put him on a baby change table and the floor definitely isn’t an option. It’s crazy to me that these things aren’t even thought of. ALL parks should be built with fencing as standard and all disabled toilets should have a change table for older kids.

  25. Rosie says:

    I’ve recently arrived here from the UK and I find the playgrounds wonderful. I’m not too bothered by the fencing issue to be honest. I have a 6 year old with Aspergers, a 4 year old, a 3 year old and an 18 month old. I don’t go to playgrounds to sit down and chat, I go to allow my children to run off steam, and I run off steam with them. It is more important for me to have my garden fully fenced, than the playground.

  26. Carolyn says:

    I have a 4 year old with Down Syndrome and a hearing impairment. I simply do not take her to unfenced playgrounds. Not only is it too risky, but it is also incredibly tiring to have to be right beside her in case she takes off. I actually believe she has more freedom in a fenced area where she can run around at will. I wonder if we should lobby council using the disability card. Surely it is discrimination to have playgrounds that are not safe for those with disabilities?

  27. Ashleigh says:

    There also one in Mitchelton it’s fully fenced it’s also got a little bike path to ride their bikes on and it’s also got a duck pond right beside it so if you take some bread or something you can hand feed the ducks..

  28. annette says:

    how come there are hardly any toilet facilities in parks round Brisbane, what do they expect you to tell atoddler that he cant go to the toilet because there are none!! seriously

  29. Zay says:

    And why do some parks have bbq facilities with no toilets? Who is going to host a bbq if they don’t have a toilet for their guests?

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