How to ensure you pick the right kids party entertainer

Superheroes and kids party characters are highly popular, and getting the right party entertainment for your child’s birthday can be a bit daunting if you are unfamiliar with that market. The online world is full of options – kids’ entertainment services promise a world of fun, but, in reality, if you haven’t been recommended the right kids entertainer by someone you trust, or you haven’t seen an entertainer in action at a kids’ party for yourself, then making a choice can become a bit of a challenge. After all, it’s your child’s most special day and you want it to be a great success!

Brisbane based kids’ entertainer Awesome Possum has 7 helpful tips for choosing the right kids party entertainment for those parents who are organising a kids party.

Party Tip 1 – Who is the Entertainer?

Many children’s party entertainers work for larger companies that are online based. Some of those online agents sit in an entirely different city to you, or even a different state. As a Brisbane kids’ entertainer, I often receive calls from remote party agents looking for someone to take on a kids party in Brisbane. If I happen to be available, I always help out, but what’s concerning is that those remote agents don’t really know my work or who I am. In my case, they got lucky, but what about other times when the agencies compromise on the quality of performer due to lack of time or availability?

My advice is – when you identify a suitable kids entertainer of choice, double-check that you will be getting that person and not someone else. Ask to speak directly to the performer rather than an agency sales rep on the phone.


Party Tip 2 – Are You Getting an Age Appropriate Show?

Some kids’ party entertainers apply the same party format to all age groups, which can either be too advanced for younger children or too dull for older ones. To benefit from a fully engaging, age appropriate show, ask your kids’ party entertainer to tell you exactly what they would be doing at your party, and what is included in their package.

Party Tip 3 – Are They experienced?

Experienced performers make a whole lot of a difference to your kids’ party. Ask your entertainer how long they have been doing kids’ shows for, and don’t hesitate to ask them for testimonials. You really want a kids’ entertainer who knows what they are doing and can pull off an engaging fabulous show.

Party Tip 4 – Will the Entertainer Definitely Turn Up?

Reliable kids’ entertainers should touch base with you a couple of days before the party and let you know they are definitely coming. You should also receive an email confirming your booking once you have made all the necessary arrangements with the entertainer.

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Party Tip 5 – Is Your Party Entertainer Easily Reachable?

Ask your entertainer for their preferred way to be contacted – a direct phone number is your ultimate option. Otherwise, do they have a social media page you can reach them on? You really want to be able to contact the entertainer at any time, for any reason, especially on the day.

Party Tip 6 – Do they have a Blue Card?

Whoever you choose, make sure your kids’ party entertainer is holding a valid Working With Children Check or a ‘Blue Card’. If they can’t present you with one, keep well away.

Party Tip 7 – Ask!

Never hesitate to ask your kids’ party entertainer anything that comes to mind. Your party entertainer should always be available to answer any question or concerns that you may have prior to the party so you’re 100% confident that everything is going according to plan.

Follow these 7 tips and you’ll be virtually guaranteed of a successful and stress-free entertainer experience for your next kids’ birthday party.

Many thanks to Alijah from Awesome Possum for this very helpful article. Awesome Possum Kids Entertainment Brisbane has more than 30 amazing superheroes and characters for kids birthday parties and events. They bring you incredibly action packed interactive shows with favourite games, fun activities, magic tricks, balloon twisting, dance, face paints, prizes and more! Awesome Possum is servicing all areas in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

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