When to enrol your Brisbane Kid into primary school

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For Prep, your child must be aged five by 30 June in the year they enrol. To enrol, simply contact the school directly. There is no waiting list for enrolment in the Prep Year for State Schools in Queensland and it is not compulsory to attend the prep year. The prep year was introduced to provide a platform to encourage children’s social-emotional development and their communication, numeracy, literacy and motor skills. It is often referred to as the year where children are taught how to learn. There is a curriculum in place for this year. 

To start primary school or year 1, children must be six years of age by 30 June in the year they enrol in Year One. Enrolment is by contacting the local primary school directly. The school will require evidence of the child’s date of birth from a birth certificate, passport or visa. If your child has special needs they will also often require supporting documentation which will differ depending on the challenges of the child and the funding that might be available to the school.

Private Vs Public

There is a lot of research on the public versus private schooling debate, and yet there are many hidden reasons as to why one might be seen as better than the other. A good idea before choosing a school is to head down to the schools you have in mind and ask for a tour. Are the rooms nice and brightly coloured? how long have the teachers been working there and what sort of aid support do they provide in the preparatory year. Ask around in your local area, though ensure to ask several people because anecdotal opinions can be testament to a one off issue rather than a school wide situation.

Some primary private schools will require an early enrolment often with deposit so make sure you check this soon after having  baby if you have a private primary school in mind. For state schools you don’t need to enrol until the year prior but check that you fall within the catchment of the school you are looking at. If you don’t and they are a very popular schools with a numbers limit you may have to wait for a certain time to have your enrolment confirmed. If this is the case you may be better off also enrolling at the one within your catchment as well.

To find out more of the schools in your local area and to confirm the above information, be sure to view Education Queensland’s website at: http://education.qld.gov.au/directory/schools/.



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