Egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter is often a time of year usually spent with loved ones, being thankful for one another, having fun and making wonderful new memories. One especially fun idea to make the occasion even more memorable for kids is by having an Easter egg hunt. This has become quite a popular tradition for many families, with kids eagerly looking forward to their annual Easter egg hunt.

The best thing is, Easter egg hunts can be done in a variety of ways to suit any space or group. It can be super simple, or a little more well planned with clues and hints to lead the little ones to their hidden prizes. Easter egg hunts can be indoors or outdoors, with chocolate eggs or other surprises.

Here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect Easter egg hunt:

Basic Egg Hunt


If simple is your style, or you do not have a lot of planning time, a basic egg hunt is the way to go. While the kids are otherwise occupied, hide a heap of eggs in various places either inside, in the backyard or a combination of both. Since there are no clues, make sure you have a fairly good memory where you hid them all so none are missed, and let the kids go on a finding spree. This option is best for large groups of kids.

Colour Coded Hunt


Sometimes if there is a big age gap between the egg hunt participants, the end result can be a little disappointing for younger kids who may not be as quick or as resourceful in finding eggs. You can eliminate this by nominating a different colour egg for each child playing, then hide the eggs much like in the simple hunt, except kids can only collect eggs in their colour. This means everyone finishes with an equal share of Easter egg goodness, plus it encourages co-operation with them helping one another find their coloured eggs.

Non-edible Easter hunt


Not everyone can have chocolate or candy and this can lead to them missing out on the awesome fun of Easter egg hunts, but that does not need to be the case. Instead of usual chocolate eggs, use hollow plastic eggs filled with non-candy prizes. Small trinkets like toys, tokens for a day out, or even Easter bunny cash. Create tokens with different values they can then use to redeem for prizes of their choice such as chocolate eggs, bigger toys and family days out. You can get reusable plastic eggs from most discount variety stores and supermarkets around Easter time. This is also a good option if you are concerned about ants and other insects getting into Easter eggs during an outdoor hunt.

Clue by Clue


This is the perfect option if you have some planning time and only 1-4 kids joining the Easter egg hunt, as it can get complicated with too many more. Create a set of clues for each of the children, leading them to a different surprise location. The final clue may lead to a mega surprise, like a larger egg or gift. An alternative method would be to hide enough eggs in each clue location so they children can work together on the clues and each have a surprise at each stop. This would work well for larger groups.

Easter Egg Hunt Printable


To make it even easier for you, here at Brisbane Kids we have created a printable clue sheet for you, so all you need to do is add in your clues and hide your Easter treats.

Here are some clue ideas to get you started:

  • Go have a peep in the place that you sleep
  • Follow the clue, the next one is in your shoe
  • For something neat, try the place you sit to eat
  • Rub-a-dub-dub, you will find me in the bathtub
Click on the link to download and print

Easter Egg Hunt Design 1



BK Easter Colouring -07


Click on the link to download and print

Easter Egg Hunt Design 2



BK Easter Colouring -08


Grab your Easter baskets and hop on over to our 30 Awesome non chocolate Easter gift ideas or our Easter colouring pages for more fun Easter activities.

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