Easy Christmas Craft | Cupcake Casing Angels

cupcake angel

Looking for a simple, sweet and fun christmas craft to do with the kids this jolly season then look no further than these super easy cupcake casing angel ornaments!  Made from just a plain cupcake casing, they are done in just a few minutes and can be decorated afterward if desired.

What you will need

  • White cupcake casing
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • String

cupcake angel

Step 1

Turn your cupcake casing over and flatten it slightly.

cupcake casing angel

Step 2

Draw the following dotted guidelines on your casing so that you will know where to cut.  Pencil is a good idea if you are going to leave it white so that you can erase the lines when done.  

cupcake casing angel

Step 3

Cut along the dotted lines but make sure you don’t cut the full middle circle out – stopping where the dotted lines end (this will be your angel’s head).  You should end up with two parts when done.  

cupcake casing angel

Step 4

Take the top section and curl the base back around so that it looks like the angel body and head.  Sticky tape the two ends together at the back so that it looks like this.

cupcake casing angel

Step 5

The second section are the wings.  Curl a piece of sticky tape so that it is two-sided and secure to the back of the angel. You can then add the wings to the back.  Add a piece of string to the back of the head and voila!  Your cupcake casing angel is complete and ready to either decorate or hang straight away!

cupcake casing angel


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