Easter Trivia

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Easter is an annual celebration that is eagerly anticipated by many around the globe (particularly children) and often for varying reasons. Perhaps it is a chance to gather with family, attend a church service or enjoy an Easter egg or two (or three).

We have compiled some Easter Trivia (suitable for children and adults) which can be used to challenge your family and friends and see who can get the most correct answers. These questions could also be used in an elaborate Easter Egg hunt for older kids with each correct clue leading to the next! 

Test your knowledge with our Easter Trivia

  1. What animal is commonly associated with Easter? The rabbit/bunny
  2. What sweet objects are commonly ‘hunted’ by children at Easter time? Easter eggs
  3. What part of your body would you wear an Easter bonnet on? Your head
  4. Approximately 76% of people eat which part of a chocolate Easter Bunny first? The ears
  5. Which famous Easter song has the lyrics ‘one a penny, two a penny?’ Hot cross buns
  6. What vegetable do children leave out for the Easter Bunny? Carrots
  7. What symbol do you find on top of the sweet, spiced buns that come out at Easter? A cross
  8. What Australian marsupial is used by Haigh’s Chocolates to replace the Easter bunny? The Bilby
  9. Which animated Easter children’s movie, starring a bunny named E.B., was released in 2011? HOP
  10. Easter is a movable feast – what two months can Easter fall in? March and April
  11. Easter is held on the first Sunday after what type of moon in March? A full moon
  12. TRUE/FALSE: Lent, a period of fasting and reflection, which comes before Easter, lasts for 40 days? True
  13. What food is often served on Shrove Tuesday? Pancakes
  14. In Australia, what season does Easter fall in? Autumn
  15. Which company created the first mass-produced chocolate Easter egg in 1875? Cadbury
  16. How many hot cross buns would you find in a baker’s dozen? 13
  17. What is the Friday before Easter called? Good Friday
  18. In what country do children dress up as Easter Wizards instead of Easter Bunnies?
    1. Hawaii
    2. Sweden
    3. England
  19. The Easter bunny is thought to have originated in which country?
    1. Germany
    2. France
    3. Scotland
  20. What country made the world’s largest chocolate Easter egg, weighing in at a hefty 7,200kg?
    1. Switzerland
    2. Italy
    3. Belgium

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