Daisy Hill Koala Centre

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Next time you are stuck for something fun to do with the kids I would strongly recommend packing them (and a picnic basket!) into the car and heading out for a daytrip to the Daisy Hill Koala Centre.  Nestled within the leafy confines of the Daisy Hill Conservation Park, this small but interesting enclosure is a great way to educate your little ones about the threat to one of our countries cutest animals whilst also getting up close and personal with our furry friends.  Come and learn and put into practice all the tricks needed to become a koala detective.  Don’t forget to pack a picnic, a football and all the family for a day to remember.  Refreshing for adults and interesting and fun for Brisbane Kids too.

Recent Upgrades

The Daisy Hill Koala Centre was built in 1995 by the Queensland Government as a dedicated koala education facility. Extensive renovations took place in 2009, which extended the outdoor koala enclosures to make them bigger, and several interactive displays were installed. This year, in 2018, the koala’s enclosures have been upgraded with new tree forks installed for resident koalas to wedge in to.

The inside of the centre has also been refurbished with amazing upgrades to the indoor education area, which includes interactive displays inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a stimulating koala conservation experience.

The centre has just re-opened after its recent upgrade and it is definitely worth a visit.

Authentic Fun for Kids

The fun begins as soon as you walk under the welcoming sign marking your arrival. Your children will feel the excitement as they navigate the long boarded walkway through the trees that leads up to the centre.  Make sure to tell the kids to keep an eye out for local wallabies that frequent the grounds around this boardwalk, and see if they can spot the man-made possum boxes hidden in the trees nearby!

Koala sightings assured

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As soon as you enter the two gates to the enclosure you are surrounded by our beautiful national treasures in the nearby trees. Usually found tucked up sleeping in the high branches, or munching hungrily on some gum leaves, these irresistibly cute little residents of the centre will be the first ones to greet you and, although you can’t touch them, they will be easy to meet at close proximity thanks to the two levels of walkways that snake their way around the inside of the enclosure.

Signs on either side of the path introduce you to the koalas, of which there are now five – Claire, Jannico, Molly, Kyra and Pound – all of whom are cared for by the friendly and chatty rangers who work at the centre.  The four females live in the outdoor enclosure, while Pound lives indoors in his bachelor pad.  The koalas at the centre all have their own story – they’ve all been through some kind of illness or injury which makes them unsuitable for release into the wild.  Upgrading their enclosures is important to ensure they can continue to live comfortably in captivity.

The Daisy Hill Education Centre

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The Daisy Hill Education Centre is a highlight in itself, with lots of large, colourful displays giving details on the koalas, their current plight and ways in which we can all help out. Your family will have the opportunity to learn all about our native animal including their life-cycle and unique biology.  The layout is easy for kids to work their way through quickly, with lots to keep them entertained along the way.

Visitors will learn how to spot a koala in the wild via stimulating activities that invite the children to take on the role of koala detectives.  They can also learn how they too can contribute to the conservation of koalas as well as recognising the signs and symptoms of injured furry friends and what you can do to help.

Children will also be kept busy as they then immediately apply their learnt skills to practicing caring for the wildlife in the koala hospital, which invites them to take care of their fluffy injured koalas.

Bushwalking and picnics

walking tracks at Daisy Hill

Along with the tranquil music that plays overhead and the beautiful, green surrounds, it is the perfect way to spend an hour or more with the family either mid-week or on the weekend.

Don’t forget, once you have exhausted all there is to do at the Koala Centre, there is no better way to wind down than by taking that picnic and setting up at one of the many beautiful, shady spots sprinkled within the natural reserve that surrounds it.

This is the first of Queensland’s national parks to include a 790 metre disability-friendly path and wheelchair accessible barbecue to give as many visitors as possible the opportunity to experience all that the Daisy Hill Forest has to offer.

And if after all that you still have a little time to spare, you can always explore some of the numerous bike and walking trails within the park!

You can find out more information or make group bookings to the centre by either visiting the website: http://www.ehp.qld.gov.au/wildlife/daisyhill-centre/ or by calling them on (07) 3299 1032.

Helpful Hints

  • Daisy Hill Koala Centre is open every day except Christmas, New Years and Good Friday from 10 – 4pm
  • Admission is FREE
  • Wildlife Officer talks happen every day at 11am and 2pm
  • Walkways and ramps on both levels are all accessible by prams, wheelchairs and small children
  • The theatre closes each day at 3:15pm, so it’s a good idea to get to the centre before then as its woodland-decorated interior should not be missed!
  • If it has been raining, access to the viewing tower may be closed, so best to wait for a sunny day to make the most of it
  • Make sure you pack a picnic and a frisbee and make use of the 435 hectares of Eucalyptus forest that makes up the Daisy Hill Conservation Park.  The park has numerous picnic tables and BBQs and two large cabins with toilets including wheelchair accessible ones.
  • Many opportunities for Brisbane Kids to complete outdoor activities filling in their Nature Play Passports.


Daisy Hill Koala Centre is located 25km south of Brisbane on Daisy Hill Road in Daisy Hill. Directions to the centre are well signed from the entrance of Daisy Hill Conservation Park and it has a designated car park for guests.


If you loved this wildlife centre then make sure you check out Walkabout Creek, The Gap where you will find another wonderful opportunity to introduce your Brisbane Kids to the native wildlife of Australia.

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