Craft at Home with Mister Maker Products Australia

Mister Maker products Australia

Mister Maker is the ultimate children’s art and crafts show that teaches and entertains in fun and imaginative ways. Mister Maker encourages every child to be a confident artist and ‘have a go’ themselves. The show stimulates kid’s personal and social growth through fun, play and experimentation, and inspires children to learn new art techniques.

Things to Make & Do Book

Mister Maker products Australia

Maybe your Brisbane Kids would prefer to create their own Mister Maker crafts from the brand new instructional and fully illustrated Mister Maker Things to Make and Do book? With tonnes of projects, puzzles, ideas and top tips, the Things To Make And Do book offers plenty of inspiration to making everyday objects into works of art.

Minute Make Time

Everyone’s favourite TV crafter has a full range of merchandise that is now available to purchase in Australia. Kids can now watch (and re-watch and re-watch again) as Mister Maker demonstrates how to make some truly cool craft from simple materials in only 60 seconds in his highly popular DVD – Minute Make Time. Once you’ve worn out this one, there are many other Mister Maker DVDs to choose from too.

Mister Maker Craft Kits

Mister Maker products Australia

We’re a bit in love with the Mister Maker Craft Kits that include everything you need to recreate a Mister Maker masterpiece in your own home. These kits are jam-packed with craft materials that will have your children’s imaginations blooming and keep them busy for hours. The fully contained craft kits feature a specific theme and come with their own storage case to ensure no bits and pieces are left lying around when the kids are done. Kit themes include – Sock Puppets, a 3D Alien Puppet Show, Clay Modelling Kits and many more. Your children can even own their own set of the infamous ‘Doodle Drawers!

Priced from only $14.95, the full range of Mister Maker products Australia are excellent value and perfect for tucking away for rainy days or even as birthday gifts.

To view and purchase from the full selection of Mister Maker products in Australia, including DVDs books and craft kits, please visit

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