Cosmic Skydome Shows at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

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Last financial year, over 130,000 people visited the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, and it’s easy to see why. With its interesting exhibits, interactive displays, fun and educational shows, observatory and more, the Planetarium is always a hit for families and kids!

This article was updated on the 19th August 2020. At the time of publish, 50 people are permitted to attend under COVID safety plans. You do need to book shows online (they do book out) and always check their website prior to attendance while COVID is still impacting our city. (note: there are restrictions on viewing the displays in school holidays with only Cosmic Show attendees permitted into the Skydome to view displays 20 minutes prior to their showtime). For further details explore the links below. 

One of the most engaging and exciting things to do at the Planetarium is to see a show in the awe-inspiring Cosmic Skydome. Kids and adults alike will be blown away by this unique experience, with a show to suit and entertain everyone!

The Planaterium and Cosmic Skydome Shows

sir thomas planaterium

As part of the Brisbane Planetarium’s refurbishment in 2013, a new digital and optical planetarium projection technology was installed along with a new special-purpose projection dome. All of this enables stunning fulldome, immersive space shows and realistic recreations of Brisbane’s night sky. So you can lie back and take in the wonder of the Universe all around you. School groups can also experience a wide range of demonstrations related to the Solar System and beyond, as part of the Australian School Curriculum and the Big History used by some schools.

The Cosmic Skydome also makes for a unique experience, with a range of fascinating shows projected onto the dome so that it seems like you’re immersed in a virtual reality universe.

Now Showing in the Cosmic Skydome

There are Cosmic Skydome shows to suit everyone at the Planetarium. Shows include:

General Admission Shows

NB. These shows are not recommended for children under six years of age.

  • Cosmic Collisions — a show about cosmic collisions and how they drive the growth and evolution of the Universe.
  • Capturing the Cosmos — Using two of Australia’s next-generation telescopes, this show explores “all-sky” astronomy, the early universe, and the forces that have made it what it is.
  • Dark Universe — this show will teach you about dark matter and dark energy, as well as other amazing advances in our knowledge of the Universe and its future.
  • Edge of Darkness – Where is the edge of darkness? Fly through the great cliffs on comet 67P, gaze at the fascinating bright spots on Ceres.
  • Passport to the Universe – Get your passport for a thrilling journey through the Solar System
  • Saturday Afternoon ‘Live’ — A very popular ‘live’, virtual exploration of space led by the Planetarium’s astronomers, which begins on our home planet and then explores parts of the Solar System, the Milky Way galaxy and beyond.
  • Tales of a time traveler –Travel through time to explore ancient civilizations and the birth of the universe. Journey to the edge of a black hole.
  • Worlds Beyond Earth – Journey beyond Earth and learn about the latest discoveries of our cosmic neighbours and what makes living on Earth possible.
  • We are aliens! – Are we alone? The human race is connected better than ever before but could we one day be part of a galactic community sharing our knowledge and ideas?

Children’s shows in the Cosmic Skydome 

  • Perfect Little Planet — Best for kids from 5 years’ old, ‘Perfect Little Planet’ follows a family of aliens visiting our solar system on holiday. (Watch the Perfect Little Planet trailer on YouTube.)
  • Tycho to the Moon — Suitable for kids from 3 years’ old, this show is about a dog who gets to blast off into space and bounce around on the moon.
  • The Little Star that Could – The story of Little Star, an average yellow star searching for planets of his own. Along the way he meets other types of stars.

NOTE: Current shows may vary, so please visit to check what exciting features are currently showing.

Due to ongoing restrictions, BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED for all Cosmic Skydome shows. Please also note there is no late entry to the Skydome once a show has started.

What is it like to see a Skydome show?

Going to see a show at the Cosmic Skydome is a unique and fun activity. The shows are usually divided into two parts. First, you watch your chosen immersive, fulldome show. This can be anything from cute animated features for younger kids, to interesting entertaining features on a wide range of subjects for older kids and adults. The shows feature amazing visualisations and are really engaging, especially as you can see the action on the special dome above you!

Each show lasts from 25 minutes (for the shows for younger kids) to 45 minutes for older kids, which is a great length of time to keep kids interested and entertained.

After each main show in the Cosmic Skydome, there is a Night Sky Tour. This is a great presentation in which the stars, constellations and planets are projected onto the huge dome. The presenter helps the audience to identify the major interesting features and helps everyone to appreciate what is above them in the current Brisbane night sky. Then you can go outside that night or on the following evenings and easily spot in real life all the things you have learned about.

How to book a show at the Cosmic Skydome in Brisbane

Presentations in the Cosmic Skydome run from Tuesday to Sunday. It is recommended to book tickets in advance as these shows are very popular, especially during holidays.

Due to ongoing restrictions, BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED for all Cosmic Skydome shows. Please also note there is no late entry to the Skydome once a show has started.

You can visit to see all upcoming shows and times and book by phoning the Booking Office on 07 3403 2578.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Other attractions at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Planetarium attractions

As well as the Cosmic Skydome, the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium has many other attractions to engage, entertain and educate visitors, including:

  • Display Zone
  • Mini Theatre
  • Observatory
  • Galaxy Gift Shop
  • Sundial Courtyard

The free Display Zone features many interesting displays all year round, including models of spacecraft, interesting artifacts and even a full-size reproduction of Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit. There’s a gallery showing the Solar System and the Milky Way. Many displays are at lower height so that younger children can enjoy them. There’s also a FREE Mini Theatre showing short feature shows. The Observatory is used for demonstrations for most of the year and you can book to attend on certain Saturday evenings. There’s even a great Gift Shop with lots of educational and inspirational gifts and keepsakes.

Local Attractions

Located in the Mt Coot-tha Precinct, there are also other great attractions nearby, with the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha and the Mt Coot-tha Lookout being key highlights. There are also eateries at each so you can grab an ice cream or meal and enjoy a full day out!

Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha Visitor Centre

Visiting the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium is located within the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha, Mt Coot-tha Road, Toowong.

The Planetarium is open 6 days a week during the school term (closed Mondays) and open 7 days during school holidays. Times do very depending on the time of year so please head to the link below to confirm current opening hours. 

For more information about the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, visit, follow on Facebook at brisbaneplanetarium, or for show bookings phone (07) 3403 2578.

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