The Coolest Advent Calendar Ideas in the World you can make

advent calendar

Advent Calendars are all about counting down to the big day. In some ways they actually extend Christmas with a little surprise every morning for 24 mornings culminating in a visit from Santa. We researched like crazy for some cool advent calendar ideas to top the very basic chocolate ones you get in the store. All you can make yourself and all are extremely cool!

The DIY Envelope Advent Calendar

diy envelope advent calendar

We love this advent calendar we found at A Few Things from My Life – and the great part about this is you could fill those envelopes with activities, ideas and fun things to do – not just chocolate.

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Origami Advent Calendar

origami advent calendar

While I am the first to admit origami is not one of our best skills, Crafty Nest really does make this look easy. Fill with little treats and maybe even clues about gifts on Christmas Day.


Easy Cardboard Cone Advent Calendar

cardboard roll advent calendar

We love this one because lets face it, it’s easy and it looks super cool. We can just imagine the kids looking for the number each day and squealing in delight at the treasure they find.


Paper Bag Advent Calendar

advent calendar

This advent calendar is cool because of its simplicity and the fact that it is combined with a mini Christmas bucket list


A pretty frame themed Advent Calendar

frame advent calendar

We think this one is pretty cool because it is all festive and as much a decoration as it is an advent calendar.


Pinboard Advent Calendar


This would have to be one of our favourites because it just oozes Christmas magic and that is what an advent calendar should do. It transcends the chocolate treat model of yesterday and welcomes the promise of much more.


Canvas Hanging Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

christmas tree advent calendar hanging

This one is tricky because obviously it’s super awesome but we have no idea where you would get such a fabulous looking Christmas Tree hanging and so this nearly didn’t make the cut. However, we think it would be pretty easy to head to spotlight and get a helpful shop assistant to cut some canvas fabric and then find your most talented friend and get them to paint one on.


Christmas Countdown Printable

christmas countdown printable

We love this advent calendar because its printable, super easy and has the potential to fill your December with all sorts of cool ideas and things to do.


 Mason Jar Advent Calendar


How cool is this! It looks great, takes up no room and is easy to fill with fun ideas or even clue to treats hidden around the home


Punch Board Advent Calendar

punch board advent calendar

While we would never condone violence we cant help but think this is a pretty awesome idea! Punch through the various films to find your prize!


The Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

muffin tin advent calendar

We have seen these everywhere but we like this source most because if you click through you will find some neat activities to go with it. Also, if you are anything like me this is the best workout your muffin tins will be getting this Christmas.


We hope you have enjoyed our collection of advent calendars. If you liked this post you might also like our post on 60 Christmas Traditions you will wish you knew about.

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