Cool Hobbies for Tweens and Teens in Brisbane

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Nowadays, there is absolutely no reason for tweens and teens to slouch around the house monotonously mumbling ‘I’m bored’, or to spend hours on end in front of a screen of one form or another. There are so many fun and exciting activities they can take part in that this is the perfect time for them to find a hobby they will love!

Sports for tweens and teens

Playing a sport is one of the best hobbies any tweenager or teenager can take up. It is fun, social and physical. It is also a great way to make friends and develop teamwork skills. Whether they choose to play in a park with friends or join a local team, club or sports class, there are plenty of options here in Brisbane. Check out our Sports page where you can find sports classes to suit your child’s age.



For a hobby with a thrill, BMX riding fun, fast and keeps kids fit! Kids can enjoy BMX riding on their own and with friends, or they can join clubs or get professional coaching if they wish to improve their skills or take their hobby to the next level. Check out BMX Riding for Kids in Brisbane to find out about memberships, clubs and coaching options, as well as where you can find free BMX tracks to enjoy in Brisbane.

Guides / Scouts

With different sections for different age groups, tweens and teens can all find something to suit their level at Guides and Scouts. These long-running organisation are focussed on getting kids together in a supportive and caring environment where they can make new friends and learn new skills. You can read all about Girl Guides in Brisbane here, and visit Scouts Queensland to learn more about Scouts and find your nearest group.

Hobbies for tweens and teens

Martial Arts and Self-defence

As kids get older, they constantly develop their own independence. As well as being a cool and fun pastime, taking up a martial art of self-defence class can also be a great way of helping to ensure they can take care of themselves. There are so many types of martial arts and self-defence classes available in Brisbane, from karate, judo and taekwondo to aikido and krav maga. To get started, we have a list of Martial Arts and Self-defence Classes here.

STEM, Gaming and Coding

So many tweens and teenagers love anything to do with gaming and computers. The beauty of this interest is, developing these skills and learning the systems behind this technology can also be important tools for their future lives and careers. How great to be able to encourage a cool hobby that is also educational! Check out our page of resources dedicated to STEM here, and find where your kids can get involved around Brisbane.

Rowing for kids in Brisbane


Rowing is a great hobby for older kids, usually over twelve. It is great for health and fitness, getting out in the fresh air and working as a team. You can visit and enter your postcode in the search bar to find a club near you.


Kids over the age of ten can take up archery as a hobby. It is great for hand-eye coordination, posture, fitness and concentration. Kids can get involved by taking courses at Centenary Archers’ Club in Sumner, Mount Petrie Bowman in Belmont and Samford Valley Target Archers in Samford.

rock climbing Brisbane

Rock Climbing and Abseiling

Rock climbing and abseiling make great hobbies for older kids as they are not only more adventure based with a hit of adrenalin, but they are also great for fitness, confidence and problem-solving skills. There are plenty of places where kids can try this fun activity in and around Brisbane. You can read our full article on Rock Climbing in Brisbane here, and also visit our list of Rock Climbing & Abseiling Classes for Brisbane Kids.

For more fun hobby ideas, check out Hobbies for Kids in Brisbane. You can also find other great ideas in Best Activities for Tweens in Brisbane and Best Things to Do with Teenagers in Brisbane.

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