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Cloud conductor book for kids

What Cloud Conductor is about

We’ve all tried to glimpse shapes in the clouds as kids. We’ve pointed out fluffy white rabbits or mighty grey steeds above our heads. Now there’s an entire book dedicated to it. Cloud Conductor is a picture book encouraging kids to have their heads in the clouds—as cloud conductors.

It’s a heartfelt story about a convalescent child who can escape her hospitalisation through daydreaming. Even when illness means Frankie can’t leave her bed, she is taken away to the beach with shimmering waves or the outback with thundering horses.

Kids who have their ‘heads in the clouds’ are often attributed with attention disorders and misbehaviour in schools, but Kellie stresses the importance of a ‘wandering’ mind during childhood.

“Our imagination can be used as a reprieve from real life, to ‘power up’ like avatars in video games do,” says Kellie. “It’s important for adults to find ways to continually encourage children to explore their imaginations and find inventive ways of seeing the world.”

Children will be enchanted as they learn to become cloud conductors too, no matter where they are or what situation they are in.

Main Themes

cloud conductor kids book

The main theme in Cloud Conductor is to inspire a wandering imagination in kids. It’s not just about staring at clouds. Author Kellie Byrnes shows how creativity can be used to solve problems and deal with negative emotions.

“No matter our age, I think we all need escapism in our lives at some points. Sometimes when things are outside our control and affecting us negatively, the best thing to do is just escape for a time and leave our troubles behind,” says Kellie.

All kids have their imaginations at their disposal and Cloud Conductor encourages everyone to use it as a tool in everyday life.

Why we love the book

What’s not to like in a book that encourages us to have our heads in the clouds? Cloud Conductor teaches kids to spark up that imagination, which can be shared again and again. Cloud conductors unite! Not to mention, we can take our kids to the zoo, to the beach, to the rainforest, without even leaving our backyard. We wonder what tales your kids will take you on in the clouds.

Other books they might like if they like Cloud Conductor

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About the author

Kellie Byrnes is a children’s author, full-time freelance writer, and book reviewer. Her debut picture book, The Cloud Conductor, was released by Wombat Books in 2018.

Kellie has a BA degree in Literature; over five years of experience copywriting; and has spent time in marketing, PR and publishing roles. When she’s not busy writing, reading or coming up with new ideas, Kellie can be found walking her two dogs, checking out movies, plays and musicals, or travelling as far and wide as she can for inspiration.


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