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If you haven’t been to Cirque Du Soleil in Brisbane then hopefully this review will answer most of your questions and give you an idea of why this extraordinary circus is so popular and why I think everyone should add this to their bucket list. 

You can read more about their current show Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities showing in Brisbane until the 23 February 2020 here

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What is Cirque Du Soleil?

If I was describing Cirque Du Soleil to a friend I would definitely find it difficult to provide any sort of comparison as there is simply nothing I have experienced that is similar to it in any way. It’s an impressively dazzling show, literally stars in your eyes, goosebumps on your skin, holding breath sort of experience.

What I think I loved most was that the performers’ enjoyment was profoundly evident and unbroken throughout the show. I sat there marvelling at what was unfolding, I felt truly privileged to be witnessing these wizards of human acrobatics and performance. I felt like I was part of something quite extraordinary and this audience-wide feeling meant the atmosphere at times felt euphoric. I was drawn to every single performer and every performance and captivated by music both sung and played.

Cirque du Soleil Brisbane

Who should go?

From a poll of my Brisbane friends, it would seem safe to say, everyone should go and so it is any wonder their shows sell out. 

  • Some of my friends attend as the perfect date night
  • Another friend said her parents gift them to her children for Christmas
  • Another said they gift them to their parents each time a performance comes to Brisbane
  • Others said they simply won’t miss a single show and haven’t since their first show in Brisbane. 
  • Some go more than once (which speaks volumes)

Cirque du Soleil aerial performers

Is it Cirque Du Soleil child-friendly?

I can’t wait to take my kids to see Cirque Du Soleil- so yes, absolutely child-friendly. 

Things to consider

It is a fairly long show for a child to sit through although there is an intermission to give them a break halfway through. Would I take a 3-year-old? I am not sure I would. It is an extraordinarily engaging show, but I think if your child wouldn’t sit through a kids movie for 90 minutes, then I would be wary of investing the money in a ticket for them (and the possibility that you need to leave midway through). For myself, I think school age is a good age although each child is different. If you feel like you want to take a child younger than this, certainly don’t take my words as anything more than my own personal opinion.  

Where is it

When Cirque Du Soleil comes to Brisbane it generally sets up the Grand Chapiteau on Macarthur Avenue Northshore Hamilton. I love that it is located within easy walking distance of Eat Street Markets. For those wondering, A Grand Chapiteau is a fancy term for a “circus tent” but obviously far more impressive and thankfully, temperature controlled. 

Kurios brisbane

Frequently asked questions

These are all the things I would have wanted to know and a few more for good measure. Hopefully help you. 

Is there parking? 

There is street parking and some allocated parking further along Macarthur Avenue, about a 5-minute walk (with kids) to the venue. Friends who have driven suggest getting there early to get a park and (if the timing works) a bite at Eat Street Markets before the show.

My parents in law arrived late for a show last year and did have to walk a fair distance from their car to the show, so just consider this if you have young children and the show is in the middle of summer. 

When I attended I took an Uber in and took a taxi home. Taxis were lined up outside when we got out and the uber wait was about 2 minutes. 

Can you take your own food and drink?

No, you can’t. Cirque Du Soleil has refreshment options you can buy there and take in with you to the show. We opted for popcorn and water.  

How long does it go for?

I am sure each show is slightly different but Kurios is 2 hours and 20 minutes including a 30-minute intermission.  

What are the toilets like?

The toilets are super fancy portaloos, clean and there are a lot of them (as well as a separate set for those with accessibility challenges). The lines in intermission can be long but they pass within no time thanks to the sheer volume of toilets available.  

Is there pram parking?

Yes there is

Are their change facilities?

Yes there are

What about wheelchair accessibility?

Cirque Du Soleil offers accessible seating options and seating for those in wheelchairs. (you will find an option for this when you purchase tickets)

Are there discount tickets for concession holders or young children?

There aren’t but there are reduced ticketing for families and those might be sitting on the edges may not have a perfect view of all parts of the show. Children under the age of two years old are admitted to Cirque du Soleil shows for free, however, they must remain seated on the lap of a parent at all times.

Is there anything else you think we should have included in the guide? If you think we missed something please let us know in comments below

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