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Carnival of the Animals

Are you looking for a WOW moment for your Brisbane Kid? Or an event they will remember and treasure as one of their fondest childhood memories? The Out of the Box Children’s Festival 2014 presents the world premiere of Carnival of the Animals; a spellbinding and mesmerising performance from the Brisbane based Circa company.

Carnival of the Animals takes you on a wild ride around the world visiting various countries and exciting animals with a back drop of stunning digital animations and beautiful music. This acrobatic marvel is a spectacle not to be missed.

Carnival of the Animals


As the lights dimmed and the music started, a lone clown wanders onto the stage, commanding the audience’s attention before a whirlwind of acrobatic feats draw you in and have you sitting on the edge of your seat one minute and roaring with laughter the next. The little voices around us filled the darkness with “oohhs” and “aahhs” and many “wow’s!” As the performers twisted and contorted, sprang and leapt across the stage, the audience followed a huge variety of animals in their habitats across the world. From the Polar Regions to the depths of the oceans, and the tops of the trees down to the desserts, and even into a circus arena, Carnival of the Animals takes you into the amazing world of animals. As the lights returned and the performance ended the whispers of excited children started again. “That was magic!” “Another one mummy, can we see it again?!” “Wow awesome…”.

Carnival of the Animals


Carnival of the Animals is about wild imagination, explosions of magic and comical humour that speaks to everyone, especially children. There are fun audience participation moments contrasted with sombre beauty and then rollicking humour. Carnival of the Animals is one of those has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed type performances. It is so incredibly special and unique it will be a huge hit with the entire family.

A WOW moment to live in their hearts forever…

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Find out what our 6 year old reviewer thought of his visit to the Out of the Box Children’s Festival to see Carnival of the Animals in this Through the Eyes of Brisbane Kids exclusive video –

Carnival of the Animals is playing at the Lyric Theatre, QPAC from 25th June to 2nd July 2014, as part of the Out of the Box Children’s Festival 2014. For more information and for ticket bookings, please visit

To find out more about Circa, including other upcoming performances, and their circus classes for kids in Brisbane, please visit

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