The Best Icecream and Gelato Shops in Brisbane

the best places to eat icecream in brisbane

Brisbane is extremely lucky to have an exuberance of ice creameries, the very tropical weather we experience daily calls for them to be abundant throughout our city. There is nothing quite like an ice cold creamy ice cream on a Summer’s day…actually who doesn’t indulge in ice cream goodness all year round!?

We’ve put together a self-guided ice-cream tour of Brisbane to compliment our list of dessert places in Brisbane so that you can try the best ice cream and gelato flavours in Brisbane with your family.

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The Icecream Shops in Brisbane you must try!


364 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

What makes Shlix truly stand out from other ice-creameries is the air, fat and milk content of their ice cream. Compared to the up to 50% air content of other ice cream brands, Shlix contains a mere 3-15% air. Along with no preservatives and no artificial ingredients, this makes for a more dense and flavourful product. Shlix ice cream also contains up to 60% less fat then regular icecreams, and contains real milk instead of milk powders and other synthetic alternatives. Shlix is open from lunch until late 7 days.


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Shop 30, Stanley Street Plaza, South Bank Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Indooroopilly

Nitrogenie gets is name as their ice cream is made using liquid Nitrogen. Using only real food ingredients like actual creamy milk and real eggs, only quality ingredients are used to make their delectable flavours. The flavours at Nitrogenie taste exactly like the real thing, because they ARE the real thing! You HAVE to try the Turkish Fairy Floss.


pic credit with the lovely looking peppermint choc chip


39 Hercules St, Hamilton 89 Charlotte St, Brisbane Shop 6A Little Stanley St, South Brisbane

Mövenpick Swiss Ice Cream has delectable, naturally-flavoured, smooth and creamy, yet refreshing choices. The Strawberry & Raspberry Highlight is one to sample; so fresh, fruity and perfect for a steaming Summer’s day – YUMMO! Spread throughout Brisbane with 3 locations, it isn’t a far venture for most Brisbanites.

movenpick brisbane

pic credit: – this delicious flavour is cinnamon!!!

Gelato Milany

4/53 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton

Milany’s is arguably one of the finest ice creameries in Brisbane and a personal favourite for many Brisbane families. Winning many awards in recent years for impeccable creations, they have something for everyone, from Banana Splits to Tiramisu Delights. Their Gelato contains high levels of protein, vitamins & calcium (made with real milk and fruit) with over 40 flavours on offer. This is one to have at the top of your list to visit.

Gelato Milany

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Shop 3, Corner Albert & Queen Streets, Brisbane City

The premium artisan gelato at Gelatissimo is made fresh in-store, using high quality ingredients made to an old family recipe. Part of the Gelatissimo experience is the gelateria itself, which offers an authentic Italian experience. New flavours are constantly being created, however you will always find your old favourites here too.


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3 Grey Street, South Bank

Founded in Western Australia, Geláre‘s secret formula is like no other. They boast no artificial ingredients and real flavours. Most importantly, this deliciously smooth ice cream contains no air. Unlike some other icecreams that contain up to 50% air to increase the volume, Geláre ice cream is richer in flavour and texture, and heavier in weight. Geláre also has a great vegan range of dairy-free, organic products.

cafe gelare

pic credit: > flavour showns Dark Chocolate; Naked Coconut and

Dippin’ Dots

Eat Street Markets, MacArthur St, Hamilton

Dippin’ Dots are another ice cream experience entirely! These tiny beads of ice cream are full of flavour and are just amazing. They look nothing like ice cream, more like small lollies, but once you get them in your mouth you get the full effect. You truly need to see and taste them to believe them, so get down to Eat Street Markets on the double to try them this weekend.

dippin dots

pic credit: showing Strawberry Sorbet YUM!

Cold Rock

15 locations throughout Brisbane and Ipswich

Choose it. Mix it. Smash it. Love it. Cold Rock’s motto sums it all up! First you choose your flavor of ice cream from one of dozens of traditional and special addition combinations, and select your mix-ins (lollies, chocolates, biscuits, cookie dough and more!). Then stand back and watch as the staff mix and smash your chosen blend on the special frozen stone (thus the iconic name ‘Cold Rock’).

cold rock chermside

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Baskin and Robbins

A franchise spread throughout Brisbane

If you like ice cream then it’s a sure bet you have tried Baskin & Robbins. It’s a household name in Australia and known for its massively wide range of flavours and add-ins/toppings. They also offer coffee frappes with real coffee and arguably the best icecream in the world, Chocolate Mousse Royale (just thank us later).

Baskin and Robbins Sundaes

pic credit: showinf their range of summer sundaes

Well there you have it, a self-guided ice-cream tour of Brisbane! We hope you enjoy trying them all out. Be sure to share your own suggestions and favourites in the comments below.

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