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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a term to used to describe a range of traits and conditions that present in certain children. Common Terms sometimes used to explain these specific conditions include Autism, Aspergers or sometimes you may hear terms like Sensory Processing Disorder, Global Developmental Disorder and others that are used to describe traits within these conditions.

What you will find on this website related to Autism

Why you want to learn more about Autism Support in Brisbane

  1. You suspect your child might be on the spectrum
  2. You have just received a diagnosis
  3. You have a diagnosis and are seeking more information and more support.
  4. You are already well on the road, even several years in and just want to revisit the plan

What to do and where to go if you think your Brisbane Kid has ASD

  1. Visit your GP and get a referral to a paediatrician.
  2. Visit websites like who will offer information on traits you might want to be looking for.
  3. Keep a diary so when you present to your GP you will have some consistent patterned information to give them
  4. A paediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist or another trained professional in ASD can diagnose a child with ASD.
  5. If you aren’t happy then get a second diagnosis

So you child has been diagnosed with ASD- What next?

  1. Get in touch with Autism Queensland
  2. Check out all the different Therapies related to Autism available to you. This will include speech therapist, occupational therapists and psychologists.
  3. Playgroups for kids with Aspergers in Brisbane
  4. Have a look at the different early intervention programs available through organisations like AEIOU and others you can find via Autism Queensland.
  5. Explore your funding options – find out what you can and cant claim for. Be clear about that and really maximise these funds.
  6. Notify your child’s daycare or school and find out what support they can offer
  7. Find specialised Autism Medical Professionals. If you go through Autism Queensland you may be able to access one under the FACSIA system which means that if you are receiving funding you will  not have an out of pocket expense
  8. For general information, you can call the 24 Autism Hotline

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