Aquativity at South Bank Parklands | Water-play for the whole family

South Bank Parklands Aquativity area offers hours of water-play fun for Brisbane Kids of all ages.

Aquativity The Fun

Throughout human history we have been fascinated with the power of water from its life-giving properties, to its graceful beauty, to the pure joy derived from splashing around in a flowing river. At South Bank Parklands, the magical charm of water is captured perfectly in the interactive water-play park. Known Aquativity, the water-play area is located on the southern side of Streets Beach and has been a favourite amongst children and families since opening in 2007.

Fountains, water features and decorative elements in the playground aim to educate visitors about water cycles, by simulating summer storms, rain and floods. One of the interesting elements of the area is the map carved into the ground that shows the interesting pattern of the catchments and highlights the complexity of our river systems. Brisbane Kids will love playing with the waterspouts around the map. There is also a bush stream that connects to Aquativity and runs through a large section of the southern part of South Bank Parklands. This stream opens up to a shallow pool at the heart of the Aquativity area and there are different water-play elements on either side, including tipping buckets, shooting fountains and outdoor showers. Aquativity is a great location for children and families to splash, play, learn and enjoy the outdoors.

Imagination Factor

The water-play park features a range of educational play elements that remind you of the rivers, creeks, fish and mammals that are found in the area. Immersing children in an interactive experience, Aquativity also highlights the area’s native fish, such as mullet and catfish, and mammal species like the dugong. The important relationship between indigenous peoples and the environmental and urban elements of the river is also emphasised. The tipping buckets are particularly fun, can you guess which bucket will tip next? The map area with its waterspouts and shallow stream is perfect for young children who will love sitting or crawling in the area.

aquativity south bank

Special Needs Factor

Like the rest of South Bank, Aquativity can accommodate wheel chair access. This area has been designed so that no one misses out on the fun and is also patrolled by lifeguards. There is underground parking with lift access to the parklands and wide paths throughout. Aquativity is located next to Streets Beach and has easy access to barbeques, picnic areas, toilets and showers. South Bank is open every day and is accessible by bus, train and car with secure, paid parking available onsite. All the playgrounds within the parklands available for use, free of charge, seven days per week.

Aquativity The Facts

  • Water play: tipping buckets, fountains, outdoor showers
  • Shallow pools
  • Bench seating
  • Access with assistance for the Disabled
  • BBQ facilities and shade
  • Cafes
  • Car park
  • Public toilet with disabled access
  • Parklands open 7.00am-7.00pm, 7 days a week

There are plenty of other attractions to visit while at South Bank including Streets Beach and The Riverside Green Playground.

To find out what else is happening at South Bank for families, visit our website to discover family events, performances and festivals!

Aquativity is located at South Bank Parklnds on the southern side of Streets Beach. Carpark access is via Little Stanley Street.

This park was reviewed in 2016.

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  1. hamster wheel says:

    South bank is awsome thanks for the advice, when doing there rember to bring swimmers and good walking shoes and there are heaps of spots to have a nice bbq.

  2. Erica D'costa Sane says:

    If I would like to hv a birthday party for a baby. How do I book or secure a spot?

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