7th Brigade Park in Chermside | Multiple play areas for all ages

With several different play areas, Seventh Brigade Park in Chermside is perfect for Brisbane Kids who love to run and climb.

7th Brigade Park The Fun

The playground fronting Newman Road in Chermside is an alternative to the Kidspace Playground on the other side of 7th Brigade Park and is well worth a visit – especially if you have older Brisbane Kids with energy to burn. There are a number of different climbing structures, including a net, a rock-climbing wall, geometric climber, and ladders up to a slide. In addition, there is a spinner, monkey bars, stepping-stones and bouncy rockers. As well as a swing set, featuring two standard swings and two baby swings, plus a stand-alone bird’s nest swing and a Liberty Swing. Teenagers and adults will also appreciate the fitness equipment located close to the playground.

Imagination Factor

The climbing structures could become anything your adventurous Brisbane Kids wish – mountains, tall towers, skyscrapers, cranes, or castles. The stepping stones also lend themselves to games of leaping across rivers, avoiding snapping crocodiles, while younger children can have fun galloping away on the bouncy horses.

Special Needs Factor at 7th Brigade Park

7th Brigade Park caters for wheelchair users, with a fenced and shaded Liberty Swing, accessible toilets and wide paths leading to the picnic tables. Unfortunately the main playground is not easily accessible as there is no path and has a mostly bark base. The park is partially fenced along Newman Road and Delaware Street. It is mostly well shaded by shade sails and trees, although some equipment is unshaded. There are also sheltered picnic tables with BBQs.

7th Brigade Park – The Facts

  • Partially fenced playground
  • Shaded by shade sails and trees
  • Bark base
  • Rock wall
  • Monkey bars
  • Stepping stones
  • Climbing net
  • Spinner
  • Slide
  • Two swing sets
  • Bird’s nest swing
  • Liberty Swing
  • Bouncy rockers
  • Toilets, including one disabled toilet
  • Fitness equipment
  • Sheltered picnic tables
  • Barbecues
  • Street parking

Another great nearby Brisbane Playground is Kidspace playground at Chermside, or John Goss Reserve at Chermside West.

7th Bridage Park is located at cnr Newman Road and Delaware Street, Chermside.

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