18 Magical Ideas for a Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter birthday cake

If your little muggles dream of being witches and wizards, they will love these awesome ideas for a magical Harry Potter party!

1. Invitations

Give your invitations an authentic wizardy feel by making your own Hogwarts seal stamp! You can find out how to make this at Cut Out + Keep.

Harry Potter party invitations

2. Floating candles

Set up your own Great Hall with this brilliant and simple idea of making floating candles from cardboard tubes painted white and LED candles, found on Eating Bender.

Harry Potter party decorations

3. Owl balloons

With these easy-to-make owl balloons found on workmanfamily you can easily set up your own Owlery at your party.

Harry Potter party balloons

4. House banners

For a great party venue decoration, you can download printable house banners for all four Hogwarts houses from Centsational Girl. These ones were given the old parchment look by printing them on off-white card and burning the edges with a lighter.

Harry potter party decoration

5. The sorting hat

Check out how to make this Sorting Hat by Martha Shmartha. For a really fun party idea, why not put a baby monitor in the hat and have an adult in another room make the hat talk? It could then sort the kids into houses, but perhaps avoid sending anyone to Slytherin!

Harry Potter sorting hat

6. House scarves

Visit Pieces by Polly for a tutorial on how to make these great Hogwarts house scarves. They are great for dressing up and as take-home party favours.

Dressing up as Harry Potter

7. Robes

Pieces by Polly can also teach you how to make an excellent witch or wizard robe from a T-shirt in just 15 minutes!

DIY Harry Potter costumes

8. Party snack labels

You can download these awesome free printable party snack labels from A Typical English Home, to give all your party food a Harry Potter theme.

Printable labels

9. Wizard hat cupcakes

Visit iVillage for full directions on how to make these great wizard hat cupcakes!

Harry Potter cakes

10. Golden snitches

These golden snitches (found here) would be so easy to make out of Ferrero Rocher and feathers.

Harry Potter party food

11. Butterbeer

This is a cute idea for a party drink straight out of The Three Broomsticks — just make sure it’s not real beer! Found on Hostess with the Mostess.

Harry Potter party drink

12. Drink labels

Or you can visit Over the big Moon for free printables to turn any drink into Harry Potter themed drinks!

Printables for a Harry Potter party

13. The birthday cake

For the birthday cake, we love this simple but great idea from centsationalgirl.com of adding a Harry Potter figurine and an extra-long gummy snake to make a great basilisk cake.

Birthday cake

14. Wand making

Why not set up a wand-making station like this one seen on Continually Creative? Looks like lots of fun!

Harry Potter wands

15. Flying keys

We love this idea for flying keys found here. They make for great party decorations, or use real keys, set them lower and have kids race to see who will be the first to unlock a treasure box!

Harry Potter party idea

16. Potions class

Another fun party activity is to set up a Potions class. Check out our awesome Fizzing Potions and Magic Spoons for fun ideas for the lessons!

Fizzing potions

17. Quidditch

We love the idea of setting up a real Quidditch game as done by Martha Shmartha, simply using painted wood and hula hoops.

Harry Potter party game

18. Party favours

Check out these great broomstick party favour bags seen on Martha Stewart!

Harry Potter goody bags

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Don’t forget that you can also follow Brisbane Kids on Pinterest! For even more ideas, check out our Harry Potter Party board.

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