18 Amazing Minion Party Ideas

Minion costumes

I could never work out why kids love Minions so much. Then I read this description on Wikia, ‘They are impulsive creatures with little self-control, but with a wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence’. Ah, now I get why they can relate to them – sounds very familiar! If your Brisbane Kids are Minion fans too, they will love these amazing Minion party ideas!

1. Invite your guests in Minion style

Minion party invitations don’t have to be expensive. Here is a fantastic FREE printable from Halegrafx!

Printable party invites

2. Getting started

You can’t go past this FREE Minion printables party kit from Seshalyn’s Party Ideas for everything you need to get your Minion-themed party started! It has food wrappers and toppers, party signs, party favour holders and lots, lots more!

Free printable party kit

3. Minion party decorations

A simple colour scheme of yellow and blue is the perfect way to set the scene for your Minion party, like this great streamer and balloon combination found on Somewhere in the Middle.

Streamers for Minion party

4. More Minion decor

You can also decorate your party venue with these simple to make Minion balloons seen on Catch My Party. You can even get free printable Minion goggles and mouths on Halegrafx!

Minion party decorations

5. Party hats

Brisbane Kids love dressing up at parties, and we think these Minion party hats found on Etsy are great and wouldn’t be too hard to DIY either!

Party hats for a Minion party

6. Best Minion costumes

Or if you’re a crafty parent, then visit Craftaholics Anonymous for a full tutorial on how to make these awesome Minion costumes for your birthday boy or girl!

DIY costumes for a Minion party

7. Bananas and bapples!

Minions love bananas and ‘bapples’ so these make great Minion party snacks, especially when presented like these cool ones found on Catch My Party!

Minion party food

8. Minion juice

These awesome ideas for Minion party drinks found on Pinterest are so simple to recreate – just decorate yellow plastic cups, and add some simple minion goggles to a dispenser filled with orange juice!

Minion dispenser and cups

9. Minion pops

Check out these super cute Minion cake pops, found on Gastronomy By Joy. They are actually just decorated marshmallows, so not even any cake baking involved!

Marshmallow Minions

10. Healthy party treat

We always love party treats that will get kids exited but are healthy too, and this idea from Pinterest is perfect!

Minion party healthy treat

11. The birthday cake

Check out Suz Daily for a full tutorial on how to make this spectacular Minion birthday cake, with step-by-step instructions and pictures to help you nail it.

Minion birthday cake

12. Bubble blowing

Our Brisbane Kids love blowing bubbles and these simply decorated DIY bubble dispensers seen on iSave A to Z are perfect for keeping kids entertained during your Minion party or to take home as party favours.

Bubble dispensers

13. Minion bowling

This great idea for a fun Minion party game comes from Diary of Two Crafty Girls. It’s easy to DIY and a great way of reusing your empty party soft drink bottles!

Minion skittles

14. Make your own Minions

Setting up a craft station at a party is a great way to keep the kids entertained. We love this idea for a make-your-own-Minion craft station that we found on Catch My Party.

Minion craft station

15. Minion target game

Check out this great Minion bean bag toss game from Pinterest. This would be awesome for a Minion garden party!

Bean bag toss

16. Pin the eyes on the Minion

There is a full tutorial on how to make this cool pinning Minion party game on The Crafty Crazy to make it really easy to set up your own.

Minion party game

17. Cooling down

For heaps of birthday party fun and a great way for the kids to cool down on beautiful Brisbane days, why not set up an exciting game of Freeze, using water pistols as the Freeze guns as seen on Somewhere in the Middle?!

Minion party game

18. Party favours

Send all your party guests home happy with brilliantly simple party favour bags like these ones on Catch My Party! All you need is some yellow paper bags and a Sharpie, or more free printables from Halegrafx.

Party bags

For more great party ideas for your Brisbane Kids, check out our 18 Amazing Pokemon Party Ideas or, Ultimate Lego Party Ideas and Top Tips for an Amazing Minecraft Party.

Don’t forget that you can also follow Brisbane Kids on Pinterest! For even more ideas, check out our Minion Party board.

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