18 Amazing Pokémon Party Ideas

Do you remember when we posted a Pikachu cake of the day on the Brisbane Kids Facebook page and our writer said it was a rabbit cake?!! Well, lesson learnt, we are now totally official experts in Pokémon party refreshments, decorations and other awesome ideas!

1. DIY Pikachu ears

How easy would it be to make Pikachu ears like these seen on birthdayinabox.com for the party guests? Or, even better, set up a craft table and let them make their own! You could add other characters too and provide templates or pre-cut pieces for younger kids.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 145536

2. Set the theme

A colour scheme of yellow, red, white, black and blue will set the theme for your Pokémon party. You could use paper lanterns, balloons or balls to create these Poké Ball decorations found on Catch My Party.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 151201

3. Poké Ball pizza anyone?!

How cool is the Poké Ball pizza from iwastesomuchtime.com? I bet your Brisbane Kids wouldn’t waste much time eating it!!

Fullscreen capture 23072014 151916

4. Pin the tail on Pikachu!

It wouldn’t be a kids’ party without pinning a tail on something! We think this idea from Pinterest would make a fun party game.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 152310

5. Pokémon party banner

Check out For Geeks for this cool, downloadable banner.

pokemon printable party banner free

6. Ball toss game

Create a cool ball toss game like this one found on flickr.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 182349

7. Easy cupcake design

These cupcakes found on Catch My Party don’t look too hard to replicate!


8. Guess how many Caterpie

This simple but fun game was found on The Creative Party Mom. Each child can guess how many there are and the winner gets to keep the jar and lollies!

18 amazing pokemon party ideas

9. That’s a Bingo!

You can customise and print out these awesome Pokémon Bingo cards from here.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 155758

10. Candy apples

These candy apples were found on Cafe Mom. Red apples topped with white icing and line of black icing, chocolate sprinkles or raisins would make a tasty treat!

Fullscreen capture 23072014 182950

11. The Pokemon birthday cake

We love the simplicity of this cake found here. A simple rectangle cake with colourful icing can create the Pokémon battle arena, then just top with Pokémon figures!

Fullscreen capture 23072014 190957

12. Easy party food

Some imaginative signs can easily help you create the perfect Pokémon party food, like these ideas from Making Memories With Your Kids.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 164116


Fullscreen capture 24072014 131518

13. DIY decorations

Just a Frugal Mom made this Pikachu head from a ball, but yellow balloons would be great too.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 184354

14. Poké Ball Hunt Game

You can make a load of Poké Balls using ping pong balls and Sharpies or paint (the guests could even make them as a party activity), and set up a treasure hunt around your party venue for your Brisbane Kids to collect as many as possible, with a prize for the winner. Check out The Creative Party Mom for this and other Pokémon party ideas.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 154811

17. Pokemon party bags

These are great DIY party bags (found on Pinterest) for all your guests to take home.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 184831

18. Look the part

Parties are the perfect excuse to dress up (or down as the case may be if you go the onesie route!!). There are loads of Pokémon costumes out there, like these ones found on ebay.

Fullscreen capture 23072014 170906

Hope you love our Pokémon party ideas! Gotta catch ‘em all!

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  1. Kaylee says:

    that is awesome i mite do it for my 10th bday i love PIKACHU And i am a girl !!!

  2. Amy says:

    WOAH! These are creative! My daughter is desperate for a Pokemon party for her 7th!

  3. Grace says:

    My sister loves Pokemon and this helped a lot for planning her party!!

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