17 Ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween Party

Trick or treaters

It’s official: Australians have embraced Halloween, and no more so than our beautiful Brisbane Kids! They love carving pumpkin lanterns, dressing up and going trick or treating. Now it’s our turn to embrace the spooky celebration, and what better way to give our kids a fun-filled night to remember than by throwing an amazing Halloween Party? It doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive or difficult. All you need is a few great ideas to get started, so here they are!

1. Consider an unusual venue

OK, when we think parties, the garage is the last place that would spring to mind as the perfect venue, right? Well, bear with me … because if you have a garage, there are loads of reasons why holding your Halloween Party there is a genius idea!

First, it’s great for the spooky, outdoor, night-time feel. Second, the kids can start setting it up and decorating it weeks in advance. Third, you can go wild with the spray cobwebs, silly string and fake blood. And finally, you can avoid the rabble of over-excited mini ghosts and ghouls tearing through your home, not to mention the mess to deal with after they’ve gone!

Check out this awesome garage party venue from Etticoat Junction! Halloween party in a garage

2. Get crafting

Brisbane Kids love crafts, so why not save money on Halloween Party decorations and get your kids making their own? Check out our awesome Craft and Fun Ideas for loads of great things they can make to decorate your venue, such as our Dancing Ghosts, Jack-o-lantern Rocks, Scary Egyptian Mummies and Spooky Black Bats.

Halloween bats

3. DIY spider webs

Check out How About Orange to find out how to make these cheap and easy rubbish bag decorations for your Halloween Party venue! Halloween cobwebs

4. Glowing ghost faces

These spooky glowing ghost faces seen on Love This Pic are so easy to make, simply using balloons, glow sticks and a black marker! Balloons with glow sticks

5. Spooky floating ghost

This awesome floating ghost found on Dump a Day would make a great decoration for a Halloween Party and it’s really easy to make. Just put a glow stick in a balloon, blow it up, stick or draw on some dark eyes, then simply drape over some cheese cloth and hang it from a thin thread so it appears the ghost is floating. It will even move around in a breeze to add to the spooky effect! Halloween party decoration

6. Halloween party music

No Halloween party is complete without some creepy, ghouly music! Get into the ‘spirit’ now with Brisbane Kids Radio on Spotify! We’ve put together an awesome list of scary (but very kid-friendly) music for your Brisbane Kids’ next Halloween party. Hit play below to hear the Brisbane Kids Halloween Top 20 selection.

7. Dressing up

Dressing up makes Halloween so much fun for kids. We love traditional spooky costumes of witches, skeletons, ghosts and ghouls, but for other fun costumes that Brisbane Kids are sure to love, check out our 12 DIY Movie-inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids, like this no-sew costume from Fun at Home with Kids. Buzz Lightyear costume

8. Spooky punch

Check out Simply Stated for a recipe and full instructions to make this great and spooky Halloween Party punch with dismembered hand! Halloween party drink

9. Death by chocolate

These awesome tombstone cookies and graveyard pots de crème would make a wickedly delicious Halloween treat! Full recipes can be found on myrecipes.com. Halloween food

10. Healthy Halloween snacks

We love these healthy Halloween snacks found on Pinterest — so creative yet very simple! Halloween food

11. Jelly worms

Ewww! These jelly worms are bound to make even the bravest Brisbane Kids squirm! You can find out how to make them on instructables.com. Halloween food

12. Witches hat cupcakes

Seen on Love This Pic, ice cream cones and green icing turn these chocolate cupcakes into wicked witches’ hats! Halloween party cupcakes

13. Traditional Halloween games

Why not try some traditional Halloween games for some simple and cheap entertainment that Brisbane Kids will really enjoy? We love ‘Bobbing for Apples’ (picture found here) and ‘Apples on Strings’ hanging from the ceiling, where kids have to try and catch the apples in their teeth with their hands behind their backs. It’s harder than it sounds and lots of fun! Halloween party game

14. Scary walk

As another fun (and spooky!) Halloween Party activity, you can send the kids (one at a time for bigger kids or with an adult for little ones) on a scary walk. You can use string for kids to hold to find their way, or light a path with Halloween lanterns. Check out Rust and Sunshine for details of how to make these glowing eyes to hide along the scary walk, and why not rope in some of the parents to get dressed up and surprise older kids along the way?! DIY spooky eyes

15. Halloween ring toss game

Another fun party game is this witches’ hats ring toss game. For how to make this, visit Sometimes Creative. Halloween party game

16. Trick or treat

The highlight of most Halloween Parties for most Brisbane Kids is the chance to go trick or treating. For some tips on trick or treating with kids, check out Trick or Treat in Brisbane for Kids. Halloween costume

17. Fun Halloween songs for kids

Check out these cute Halloween songs for kids on Sweet Happy Life. Little ones will enjoy singing them at a Halloween Party, or why not get them to sing a song at each house when they are trick or treating? It’s so much more fun and entertaining than simply demanding ‘trick or treat’!

Songs for a Halloween party

For more Halloween fun, check out our 15 Fun Facts about Halloween.

Don’t forget that you can also follow Brisbane Kids on Pinterest! For even more ideas, check out our Halloween Ideas board.

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