14 Ideas to create a magical Tinkerbell fairy party

Lots of little girls and boys dream of being a fairy or elf at some point, so why not make their dreams come true by throwing a Tinkerbell birthday party? Follow these ideas to create the ultimate magical fairy party for your Brisbane Kid.

1. Fairy Cake

tinkerbell cake

This gorgeous Tinkerbell cake was found on Cake Central.

2. Fruit Toadstools

marshmallow and apple toadstools

These apple and marshmallow toadstools are a super simple and healthy treat idea for party guests from The Mucky MacBook.

3. Edible Fairy Wands

Fruit wands

Fruit wands make a delicious healthy treat and are really easy to make. All you need is a few skewers, a selection of fruit and a star cookie cutter. They can also be placed in the freezer for a few hours before the party to keep them cool. These ones are from Karla at Ironmum Karla.

4. Fairy Cookies

Fairy cookies

Make special fairy cookies using a butterfly cookie cutter then decorate the wings. These ones were found at Kara’s Party Ideas.

5. Fairy Bread


Fairy bread is a staple party food for most kids parties and it can easily be turned into real fairy bread by using a cookie or bread cutter. Decorate with any colour and style of sprinkles to match your other party decor. These ones were found on Smart Party Planning. Check out our fairy bread recipes for lots of other great fairy bread ideas.

6. Grass Table Mat

grass table mat

Decorate the table setting with individual grass mat gardens to make it feel like guests are eating in a fairy garden.

7. DIY Fairy Crowns

fairy crowns

Those who have some crafting experience will be able to whip up a cute fairy crown for the birthday girl, or one for all the guests, by following this tutorial from flouronmyface.com.

8. Fairy Wings

tinkerbell wings Fairy wings are an essential part of any fairy party, either to decorate the back of chairs or for the guests to wear during the party. You can make them yourself with wire coat hangers and stockings by following this tutorial on WikiHow. You can then decorate them however you desire. Image above found on Catch My Party.

9. Make your own Fairy Garden Terrarium


An awesome activity for a fairy party is to let the kids make their own mini fairy garden terrariums which they can then take home. Most of the items needed can be found in your own garden and it’s a great way to reuse all those glass jars. Best of all the kids will have heaps of fun! Follow this simple tutorial from Be A Fun Mum.

10. Fairy Scavenger Hunt

Fairy Treasure Hunt in Progress 8

It’s easy to up a treasure hunt in the garden or a sand pit for party guests. Simply print off a list of items that need to be found for each child and let them have fun finding them all. Items can be super simple like a paper clip, a thimble, a feather, a small bell, a pen lid, an empty thread spool, basically anything Tink would think is treasure. Take a look at the gorgeous fairy scavenger hunt ideas at The Cul-De-Sac.

11. Decorate a Fairy House


Set up a craft table where guests can decorate their own fairy house. Purchase enough mini wooden bird houses for each guest and put out bowls of craft supplies such as glitter, feathers, leaves, stones and paint. Watch their imagination run wild as they design their very own fairy house. These ones are from Double the Fun Parties.

12. Tinkerbell Colouring In

tinkerbell colouring in

Free printable Tinkerbell colouring in pages can be found in the Peter Pan gallery on Colouring Pages for Kids.

13. Fairy Dust Party Favours


Fairy dust bottles make a really cute party favour for guests. Mini corked bottles in varying shapes and sizes and glitter can be found at most discount or art stores. These instructions, with links to buy the empty bottles were found at Double the Fun Parties.

14. DIY Fairy Wand

fairy wands diy

If you don’t fancy the idea of risking having glitter everywhere then try these easy DIY fairy wands from Sisters Guild as an alternative party favour or party prop.

Create your own fairy snow globe as a magical table centrepiece at your Brisbane Kid’s next fairy party, or check out the other great fairy party ideas we’ve collected on Pinterest.

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