12 Walking Games For Kids

walking games

Back in the olden days it was totally acceptable for kids to walk 5 miles through the snow… barefoot!

In the eighties we had safety houses and kids would often walk short distances by themselves or with their parents.

Fast forward to modern day times and things have changed. Parents are busier, with many given no choice but to drop their kids off to school by car. For others its simply a matter of distance and for a vast majority a question of safety.

What about the rest? Well I am one of those parents… the rest…. the ones driving to school when in truth I could probably set my routine in place to walk the kids to and from school. Of course I have valid excuses (don’t we all), but realistically all can be overcome with a bit of pre-planning and intention.

Why walking to school is important if you can..

Actually, it’s not walking to school that’s as important as walking in general. Walking to school is simply an ideal space of time to achieve some exercise because everyone needs to get from A to B. The reality is, kids today are not getting enough physical activity and a whole generation of children are becoming accustomed to being driven around, to sitting and to being spectators rather than participants. Walking to school if possible is an ideal non time-consuming way of working against the trend.

Walking Games for Kids you can use anywhere

The list below has games that can be used in all sorts of places and some will not be suitable AT ALL in some places. For example, “don’t step on the cracks” is not a good idea in a crowded shopping centre.. trust me.. but perfectly suitable along an old cracked sidewalk.

walking games for kids

  1. Go on a scavenger hunt- we have some Nature Scavenger Hunts you can download.
  2. Play 20 questions – Carry something in your hand and have your kids guess what it is in there over the course of your walk.
  3. Play I-spy with letters, or colours for the younger kids.
  4. Recite the words to “We’re going on a bear hunt” and walk with big exaggerated steps.
  5. Play the amazing race and challenge each other to a race from one spot to another.
  6. Don’t step on the lines game, which can also become “The grass is lava game”.
  7. The carry me game.. How much whining can you take before you just pick the child up and carry them?!
  8. Copy the leader as they do silly walks, jumping etc.
  9. Dress up – everything is more fun as a pirate, arrr!
  10. Pre-buy a few cheap compasses from a discount store- they cost around $2. Call out directions.
  11. Sing “The ants go marching one by one” and other marching songs.
  12. Car Colour: Everyone chooses a car colour at the beginning of the walk and each person tallies how many of their coloured cars they see. The highest total when reaching your destination wins.

We hope you liked our list. We have lots of walking tracks around Brisbane for kids under our things to do category, but we suggest just getting out there, getting active and making the most of childhood and the great wonder of nature! Keeping your Brisbane Kids Fit and Healthy is so important and doesn’t have to be difficult.

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