10 Fun Things to do at Easter with Kids

Easter doesn’t just have to be about indulging in chocolate on Easter Sunday. Sure that’s a big part of it, but there’s plenty of other fun activities that you can do with your Brisbane Kid. We’ve compiled a list of 10 fun and creative activities to entertain the kids over the Easter period.

1. Carrot Footprints

carrot footprint 600x400

A really simple craft activity for toddlers through to older kids is to make carrot footprints. Simply paint your child’s feet orange and get them to create a footprint painting, then cut it out to make the body of the carrot. To finish off cut up green paper or cardboard into strips and tape to the back of the footprint at the toe end to create the leafy carrot top, just like these ones found on pinterest.

2. Potato Easter Egg Stamps


Have hours of fun creating different prints or even personalised cards and wrapping paper with your own home-made potato Easter stamps. Cut a potato in half and score different patterns into it with a knife then use different coloured paints to create cute Easter egg prints. See more potato stamp pattern ideas at Crafty Morning.

3. Easter Crayons

easter bunny crayons 600x400

This is a great way to use up all those pesky broken bits and pieces of old crayons, don’t throw them out, recycle them into Easter bunny rainbow crayons. You will need a silicone bunny mould + old crayon pieces (or new crayons snapped into small pieces). Fill the moulds and bake in the oven to create cute little rainbow bunny crayons the kids will love. Tutorial can be found on Moonfrye.com.

4. DIY Easter Basket

Easter-Basket-Complete 600x400

A fun way to prepare for the Easter bunny’s arrival is to get the kids to make their own Easter baskets which can be used on Easter morning. To make these ones follow our Easter basket tutorial here. For more inspiration see our Felt Easter basket tutorial.

5. Egg Art Print

egg art 600x400

This really cute egg art was found on Julep and is actually surprisingly simple to make. All you need to do is cut coloured paper into strips and then glue it in lines onto an egg shape and finish with another cut out egg shape over the top to create a professional finish.

6. Bunny Mason Jars

bunny jars 600x400

A fun art and craft activity that’s also good for recycling used jars is to create your own bunny decorated mason jars. To create you will need some small plastic rabbit figurines, glass jars, spray paint and glue. A step by step tutorial can be found on Torie Jayne. Once they’ve dried you can fill them with mini Easter eggs for the kids and they can be used as funky storage jars after the Easter period.

7. Craft Bunnies

craft bunnies 600x400

Create these super cute bunnies with craft supplies you most likely already have at home. There’s a tutorial for these ones on Mum of One.

8. Disney Mickey & Friends Easter Activity Sheet

disney easter sheet 600x400

Disney have put together this awesome Easter activity sheet which has a word search, maze and spot the difference activities. Plus its also a colouring in sheet. Download it from Disney Family here.

9. Easter Bonnet

easter bonnet

One of the highlights of Easter for me as a child was attending the Easter bonnet parade at school. But who says you have to wait for a parade, you can make your own at home just for fun.  You will need scissors,  glue, cardboard and then any decorative items you choose (think feathers, glitter, eggs). The possibilities are endless. These ones were a pinterest find.

10. Paper Plate Easter Bunny

paper plate bunny craft 600x400

Make a cute paper plate Easter bunny with the kids following these simple steps from eighteen25.

For more crafty things to do at Easter, you could make our Easter sun catchers or make a colourful Easter garland.

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