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Educational game

Kids love to play games but so often they’re either difficult for them to enjoy on their own without help or other players, or they’re things like computer games with little educational value. LOGICO is different! It’s a game that kids can enjoy independently and it’s also educational while still being inspiring and fun!

Educational game

What is LOGICO?

LOGICO is an educational game for children from 3 to 10 years of age for learning at home and in kindergarten or school. LOGICO comprises a board with movable buttons and sets of fun learning cards. Kids choose a card, place it in the board and then move the coloured buttons to the correct answers. They can then turn the card over to check their answers.

The cards cover a range of topics for different age groups, from colours and shapes and first numbers, to language, mathematics and geometry. For every age group, there’s a LOGICO version that’s perfect for their level and skill. As well as many different sets of learning cards for different age groups, there are also two versions available:


This version has a board with 6 movable buttons and is suitable for kids aged 3 to 6, covering the following key subjects or skills:

  • Concentration and perception
  • Logical thinking
  • Colours and shapes
  • Numeracy
  • Reading readiness
  • Sequencing
  • Sorting and classifying
  • Language development

LOGICO Piccolo

This version has a board with 10 moveable buttons and is suitable for kids aged 5 to 10, covering the following key subjects or skills:

  • School readiness
  • Reading readiness
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • English
  • Natural Science

Educational game

Benefits of LOGICO

LOGICO has many unique benefits for kids, including:

  • It is self-explanatory and easy to use, so it is ideal for independent learning.
  • The movable buttons provide hand and eye learning.
  • It is very engaging as it attracts children’s curiosity and is motivating.
  • The self-checking system gives children a sense of success and builds their self-esteem, motivating them to keep trying new challenges and learning.
  • It develops literacy and numeracy skills.
  • It gives children the time needed to reflect, memorise and get ready for the next tasks.
  • It supports communication and language development.
  • It improves concentration and school readiness and helps improve kids’ study habits.
  • It covers all major subjects and improves children’s skills in many different areas.

 Educational game

How we found LOGICO

We tried out LOGICO Primo with one of their bestselling card sets, Look and Speak. The board was tough and durable and the big, brightly coloured buttons were easy for little fingers to grip and manoeuvre. The cards were also made of a durable, shiny material so they wouldn’t easily get bent or damaged and could easily be wiped clean after inevitable sticky fingers! The cards are also attractive, with engaging pictures and characters.

My four year old found the board instantly appealing, especially as it almost had the feel of a tablet computer about it. I showed him how to insert the card, move the buttons to show his answers, and turn the card over to check his answers. After that, he was away! I watched him do the first couple of cards, which mainly involved matching alike items, and left him to it. What surprised me most when I checked back on him was that he had moved on to cards that involved higher order skills such as matching opposites and sequencing events. He’d figured this out on his own and just kept working through the cards.

Educational game

My son loved checking his answers and showing me how well he’d done. We also loved that the game had no loose parts and was light and compact, so it was great for playing in the car.

Most of all, I loved that the game was entertaining but also educational, and it can grow with the kids so you can keep adding to it and giving them new and exciting challenges.

Educational game

LOGICO Recognition

LOGICO is an internationally renowned learning game that has received lots of recognition and awards around the world, including the 2000 Netherlands Game of the Year award, 2006 USA Teachers’ Choice Award, 2006 Poland “Innovative Product” award, and the 2007 Star Award for Design by the China Toy Association, to name just a few.

LOGICO is available in Australia through EU Toys and can be found at the stockists shown here. For more information about LOGICO, visit eutoys.com.au.

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