Tuition and Kids Tutors

Whether it is because your child needs some additional help or you are looking to give them a step up in an area they have a keen interest in, academic tuition can be a useful tool to assist in helping your child reach their full potential.

Depending on your child’s age, interests and requirements there are an array of fully trained teachers and tutors in Brisbane who provide private or group lessons to kids and teenagers. Offering students after school tuition time that works directly on areas they need assistance with and at their speed means children can concentrate on learning the work without the pressures of a classroom of children who are all at different levels. This one-on-one approach is proven to not only be extremely effective in their ability to learn and retain the information quicker but is also a way to boost a child’s confidence and lower their anxiety, especially if a test may be looming.

Below is a list of some of the individuals and groups in Brisbane that offer students private tuition. Be it in Science, Maths, English or Art – there are a multitude of tuition options available and no doubt one of them will be perfect for your child.

Chess classes for kids

Chess Mates teaches fun chess classes for kids in Brisbane through fun stories and activities

NumberWorks'nWords tutor with student

NumberWorks‘nWords provides after school tuition to students to help them reach their full potential and exceed expectations

Various Brisbane locations

Cloud Tuition connects Brisbane students with qualified online tutors with a passion for changing the way that students learn.

Online service
Exam Success, tuition

Exam Success has experience in helping thousands of parents prepare their children for important exams since 2011.

Online service

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