STEM and Technology Classes

With an estimated 75% of jobs in the future involving some element of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), the demand for Brisbane Kids to learn more in these areas outside of the school curriculum is growing. STEM and technology classes and camps, both after school and during the school holidays, have become incredibly popular, with many booking out as soon as enrolments open.

Brisbane Kids with a keen interest in STEM can enjoy a huge selection of extra-curricular programs that cover everything from robotics and drones, to coding and 3D game design. Through the investigation and critical thinking involved in studying STEM, children can develop increased skills in problem solving, creativity, processes and supportive teamwork. These skills can in turn empower students to become innovators who create their own paths, and lead and educate future generations.

A positive by-product of STEM classes is that children who previously had no interest in the more traditional outside of school activities such as music and sports now have an outlet that gives them the opportunity to work alongside and build relationships with other children with similar interests.

The below businesses offer some of the best STEM and technology classes we have found for kids in Brisbane.

Experimentary is an online science resource, run by Brisbane TV personality Dr Rob Bell, that teaches kids valuable science concepts in a fun, interac...

Online resource
flying fox studios art classes for kids

Art classes, Kindermusik, stem classes, holiday workshops and an incredible toy store with clever toys and art supplies.

Everton Park

Street Science offer amazing science parties, science shows, school excursions, and incursions for kids.

Mobile Service
Junior Engineers school holiday workshops

Junior Engineers provides coding and robotics classes where students learn in a fun and engaging way using a unique challenge based methodology.

Various Brisbane locations

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