School Excursion Ideas

Discovering new school excursion ideas that link to the curriculum an important part of being an educator. School excursions have always been a firm fixture in our school curriculum and for good reason. For while excited students may feel as though they are escaping school for a whole day as they board that large bus and exit the school gates research shows that the educational, social and emotional benefits of these trips are monumental.

There are many fascinating excursions in and around Brisbane that offer children an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Brisbane School Excursion Ideas

Riverlife excursions for schools in Brisbane kids kayaking.

Riverlife is located right in the heart of Brisbane on the river and enables teachers to take students away from the classroom with a fantastic range ...

Kangaroo Point Cliffs
More to know about school excursions Outdoor kinaesthetic learning, or ‘learning by doing’, has proven to be one of the most successful ways to enhance learning in children. It gives students a hands-on approach to their lesson and exposes students to new environments and experiences to improve their social, personal and emotional development. Children often look forward to these excursions with much anticipation and the freedom of exploring and moving as they learn not only motivates and enthuses the child but makes the lesson more memorable. This is by far one of the greatest benefits. A child that is engaged is a child that is listening and that child will learn more and retain the facts for a lot longer if they can link a positive experience with it.
  • Being outside of their usual routine and comfort zone can also offer the child a broader understanding of the society they live in and will enhance their team working and communication skills as well.
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