Kids Relaxation & Mindfulness Classes

Life can be hectic for our Brisbane Kids, with the school curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and day to day life often being non-stop for much of the year. Kids relaxation and mindfulness classes can help them to decompress from a fast-paced week, and are important for enabling them to tackle those days where they are just go, go, go.

Not only do kids relaxation classes help children physically relax their bodies, but classes such as yoga teach children invaluable skills in mindfulness that can be used in times of high stress and activity to recognise and cope with feelings of apprehension and anxiety. Bringing relaxation into your child’s daily routine will give them more control over their feelings, and will enable them to deal with the stresses of their day with confidence. The positive thinking patterns that come about through regular relaxation classes can sharpen concentration and memory, which can lead to improved learning at school. The calming effects of regular relaxation have also been proven to boost the immune system and improve sleep, so it’s a win, win for the whole family!

The Benefits of kids relaxation & mindfulness classes

  • Relaxed muscles
  • Self-awareness and emotional control
  • Heightened coping skills and confidence
  • Better quality sleep
  • Boosted immune system
  • Sharpened concentration and memory

Shining Self Space is a passionate, inspired, mindful provider of wellbeing workshops and wellbeing & yoga programs for kids & teens aged 5 to 16 year...

Kadampa Meditation Centre Brisbane girl meditating.

Kadampa Meditation Centre Brisbane is now running meditation and Buddhism classes for kids aged 5-12 years!

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