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gps watch for kids

Today I am going to tell you about a GPS watch for kids. One you can buy TODAY. One that might give you the peace of mind you have been looking for. I saw this being discussed in a forum and I asked them to send me one to review. I have not been paid to do this.

Did you know that today’s children get less outdoor time than a maximum security prisoner. It’s sad but true. It’s a hard hitting statistic I came to know when learning all about nature play and how little room kids are given as free roaming space. Today we live in a world that seems more dangerous but is it? Is it just perception? Is it social media driving a danger mentality that is preventing small freedoms with minimal risk. 

Some would argue no risk with a child is worth taking but independence is a huge part of growing up and developing into a capable adult. Compared to when we were kids, there are more people, we are busier, but the dangers haven’t changed. So.. if this is the case then the GPS watch I am going to tell you about might just help you to be able to make decisions (you are going to have to make anyway) with more peace of mind.

gps watch to track children

Example: In grade 5 my child is going to be attending a school quite a long way from home. Initially I will drive him but eventually he will be catching 2 buses and that is simply a fact. My husband did it before him and many kids take the same or similar independent journey every day. As a mother it scares me, I will be honest. So what do I do? What am I worried about? Can this watch help me?

What is really ‘safe’ to a parent

Firstly before we go on, YES I think the watch needs to be used with caution. This is not about replacing sensible safety measures that you already use, nor should it warrant complacency of any sort in safe guarding our children. 

The Reality

I want be able to know where my child is

I want them to feel safe

I want them to be safe

So without further ado lets get down to what the Tic Toc Track watch can do for you. Remembering that is first generation technology, so this is just the beginning of the features we can expect to see in the future.

The GPS watch in a nutshell

  • The first thing that struck me as I opened the watch case is that it’s attractive. It looks like a cool sporting watch and would not look out of place in a style magazine. WIN. Lets be honest, in that kids want to wear things that are cool. COOL TICK.
  • It’s the smallest GPS tracking watch in the world, lots of band holes for tiny wrists.
  • It tells the time.
  • You could easily attach it to a backpack.
  • It allows you to login and see on a map exactly where your child is.
  • Setup safe areas and get an SMS to let you know when it has been breached (think teenagers!).
  • Great for peace of mind if your child is late coming home from a friends house or you want to check their safe arrival.
  • Might also suit an elderly relative or even a pet!
  • Emergency button feature
  • Mobile access- requires sim starting from $7.99 per month

tic toc track

What we like about this GPS watch

The contradiction of modern times is that despite the advances, it has often meant a regression of things we hold most dear. Values and experiences like independence, childhood, freedom and exploration in the great outdoors have all been lost in a busy and “less safe” world. The Tic Toc Track GPS watch provides some opportunity to test these boundaries with more peace of mind than ever before. It isn’t the answer ofcourse, but it is a wonderful tool helping us to strive towards that direction.

gps watch

create safe areas and boundaries

How can you get a Tic Toc Track watch for your child?

The Tic Toc Track Watch retails for $149.95 + $7.00 which is a once off cost.

Then you choose which data plan you would like to use based on how many SMS alerts you think you may need per month. The $7.99 starter plan includes 10 SMS alerts per month.  When voice becomes available if you want to add this feature to your plan it will be an additional $4.95/month for the feature plus $1.70 per minute for each SOS alert that is sent from the watch. It is only the SOS Emergency alert that incurs a /minute cost as when voice is activated the SOS alert initiates a phone call from the watch to the linked mobile phone/s as well as sends an SMS alert.

Find out more and buy the watch at




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10 responses to “GPS Watch For Kids | The Tic Toc Track”

  1. zemm says:

    One problem with this thing: it uses the Optus 2G network, which is going to be shut down by March 2017, rendering it basically useless after then.

    • TicTocTrack says:

      Hi, As you may have read or heard in the media the network providers in Australia will be shutting down their 2G networks during 2017. Telstra will be shutting off 2G from December 2016 and then Optus will follow in April 2017 with Vodafone towards the end of the year. As such we are committed to developing alternative solutions for our customers. For the immediate future all our watches will be supplied with a Vodafone 2G SIM as they will be continuing to support 2G the longest, while we work with our manufacturers to develop a 3G solution that will provide greater choice when it comes to the SIM a customer can use in their watch. Sign up to our newsletter as we’ll make sure that any developments are communicated to all our customers via that medium well in advance of any significant changes. Thanks, Tictoctrack

      • Mrs M says:

        So what does all that mean exactly?? Will we need to buy a whole new watch at the end off the year or will there be some sort of “patch”?

  2. Sue says:

    How much data does it use per month?

    • Nicole Brighton says:

      The Tictoctrack watch does not need to be linked to your mobile phone data to track. The built in SIM allows for tracking data to be sent directly to the tracking platform. You will however need to have access to data to wifi to be able to use the mobile app.

  3. Peta Layton says:

    Does this watch have a tamper proof band? Some send alerts if the watch is removed.

  4. Sarah DeMarcus says:

    The article I read about this says it compares your perception of time to actual time and then adjusts your brain to reflect actual time.

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