Car Scavenger Hunts and Bingo Games

car trip scavenger hunt

Finding something to do on a long car ride with kids can be a challenge. The continual, “are we there yet?” can put a real dampener on a break away before it has even begun. Solutions are often of the electronic or crayon variety but involve playing alone. We have designed our scavenger hunts to encourage kids to play together on a car ride and have fun searching for objects as they move towards their destination, parent sanity intact. All our scavenger hunts are printable

Car Scavenger Hunts for all ages

Kids aren’t  the same and some of the best ways to reinforce early reading is by playing games that encourage children to sound out and use words in every day situations. We have provided you with a pictorial version of the car scavenger hunt and a reading version. They both have exactly the same pictures and words on them.

Scavenger Hunt 1 – The Picture Scavenger Hunt

Download and print scavenger hunt here Car Scavenger Hunt Picture Version

car trip scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt 2 – The reading version Scavenger Hunt

Download and print scavenger hunt here Car Trip Scavenger Hunt Reading Version

reading version scavenger hunt list for car


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