Capalaba Produce Review – A taste of farm life close to the city

capalaba regional produce

Capalaba Produce makes for a lovely outing with your Brisbane Kids – to get a taste of farmyard life and perhaps an ice cream treat.  Capalaba Produce is a working shop, selling pets, plants and produce (farm and animal needs) since the 50’s, but it’s also a destination of its own.

A highlight for Brisbane Kids would be Ted’s Corner – a ‘farm’ section with a variety of chooks, sheep and goats in clean but rustic pens with shade, shelter and fresh water.  If you’re lucky you might also spy a pony or a talkative turkey. 

Younger Brisbane Kids will delight in wandering through this area and encountering farmyard friends.  There’s also a large aviary filled with doves and pigeons in this area. 

The produce store sells pet and farm animal supplies, as well as little chicks, ducklings, a variety of other birds and guinea pigs.  There’s also a nursery selling a range of indoor and outdoor plants selected to suit our Brisbane climate and conditions, a pet grooming salon and a shop selling equestrian supplies.

The resident parrots will entertain Brisbane Kids with their antics and with some luck the children might even be able to get a reply from these welcoming hosts. There is also a range of statues and sculptures as well as old farm equipment at Capalaba Produce that makes it part art gallery and part museum which will delight and inspire visitors.

Capalaba Produce is located at 3247 Old Cleveland Rd, Chandler QLD 4157 and is open 7 days a week.

You can also find out more via their website


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