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Click on the image below to read For families in Brisbane, the Brisbane Kids Magazine is an invaluable source of information for everything that’s happening in and around Brisbane in a handy A5 Brisbane Magazine for Families. Released quarterly, with editions focusing on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, the team at Brisbane Kids can ensure that Brisbane families are being kept aware of the most relevant and up-to-date details on all the awesome happenings in and around our wonderful city.

What the Brisbane Kids Magazine all about

Being the Brisbane Kids Magazine is all about celebrating childhood, having fun, creating memories and getting out there in the amazing community of Brisbane. As with everything we do at Brisbane Kids, our guide aims to provide accurate, quality and inspiring child- and community-focused information to help local and visiting families get the most out of what’s on offer in Brisbane. Our guide features upcoming events, exciting activities and fun things to do. It covers after-school and weekend term-time activities, as well as awesome holiday workshops, classes and more. It’s a colourful and vibrant magazine, packed with all you need to know to find the best things to do in the upcoming season, the school holidays and beyond! What’s more, it’s completely FREE!

What does a family magazine mean to us

Inside the Brisbane Kids Magazine, you can expect to find interesting and informative segments offering inspiration to help make family life in Brisbane exciting and fun-filled. The magazine often features many of the following regular segments:

Local Markets and Fairs

Discover some new local markets from farmers produce, handmade through to boutique and secondhand. This section is all about sharing local markets you may not have heard about. This section also offers an opportunity for us to show you the best fairs in Brisbane happening during the specific season of the magazine.

Nature Walks

There are so many nature walks in Brisbane and many are best experienced during certain seasons which is the beauty of this collection. We showcase the best nature walks according to the season of the magazine.

Unusual animal encounters

This segment was a request from a Brisbane Kids. They wanted to know where they could find all the coolest snakes in Brisbane which got us thinking. Instead of just giving general reviews of wildlife centres and zoos, we also thought we would curate a list of very cool animal experiences you can have in and around Brisbane!


Where would family time be without camping. Camping doesn’t just mean tents, (well not to us), so be prepared for a list of awesome camping sites, places to glamp and places to stay where you have an actual roof over your head.

Road trips

The Brisbane Kids Magazine will offer a selection of road trip ideas every edition for those families who want to get away for the day or weekend.

Free events

Here in Brisbane, we are so lucky to have many exciting FREE events held all around the city. Typically featuring fun activities in local libraries and great council events in parks and gardens, this segment brings you the best of what’s on offer for families for FREE this season.


Our always-popular and eagerly-awaited Coupons segment is a mine of money-saving offers for Brisbane families. With a huge array of coupons on offer, we can save you money on a wide variety of awesome things, such as entrance fees to local attractions, fun activities, sports, classes, refreshments, shopping, and more!

Featured activity

Our featured activity presents one of the really unique and special activities that can be done in our amazing area. We share full details of where the activity can be done, who it’s suitable for, useful information and helpful tips!

What’s on

The Brisbane Kids Magazine is largely about what is on in Brisbane for kids. This means the WHAT’S ON covers general seasonal activities, library activities, free events, museum exhibitions and workshops, art gallery activities and any seasonal festivals.


Brisbane Kids is famous for finding and showcasing the playgrounds in Brisbane that have the biggest wow factor! This segment gives you a taste of some of the best play spaces we have to offer in Brisbane and is great inspiration for exciting outings, catch ups or play dates with the kids.


Brisbane Kids’ followers know that Brisbane Kids only gives limited, exclusive and quality referrals, so the few adverts you see featured in our guide are of relevance and interest to our readers. This a great way for readers to find out about local businesses and for local businesses to attract their target audience of Brisbane families. If you want to advertise in the Brisbane Kids Magazine then email [email protected]

STEM activities

Fighting against screen time on the holidays can be a losing battle, so we decided to fight fire with flames and uncover the best technology rich activities happening across the Brisbane region.

Holiday workshops, day camps and holiday care

Holidays are a precious time when all of the family can enjoy them together but sometimes parents have to work and sometimes kids get bored. This is quite a big collection of all the best workshop, day camp and holiday care ideas in Brisbane for kids.

Exploring Brisbane

This segment focuses on a cool spot for families to explore in the Brisbane area. It gives an insight into what you can do there and handy hints to help you get the most out of your visit. We love to inspire families to get out and explore our amazing area and discover new places together!


Vouchers designed to save you money over the season is what these pages are all about and we are committed to growing this asap to ensure you can spend less money doing, and more time experiencing fun with your kids.


Another kids inspired page. Apps that inspire creativity, outdoor time, craft fun, science madness or anything more than simply angry birds.

Party Ideas

Party ideas for kids in Brisbane. This is such a fun segment to uncover all the coolest things to do with your kids on their birthday, for their birthday whether you throw a party or just take them out to celebrate.

Bucket List

Every season, every age presents such wonderful opportunities to experience new, fun things together and this page is all about the celebration of childhood. No pressure, just fun ideas and things to do.

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