Christmas Lights Brisbane 2016

christmas lights brisbane

Finding the best Christmas lights in Brisbane in 2016 isn’t easy, which is why we’ve done the ground work for you! There are a range of different websites, contests and lots of awesome displays that you will never find in print. Our mission is to link with the best contests, and locate the best houses and different light displays throughout QLD.

Click here for the Brisbane Kids Christmas Lights list 2016

Finding the best places for Christmas Lights is hard work. So, if you are one of those special people taking the time to light up your home and you honestly believe it is worth people coming to look them, please email us at [email protected]. We would welcome any video or still footage you have of your lights, including the before and after shots.

Our advice when heading out to see Christmas lights is to take some torches or glow sticks for the kids. Approaching homes on foot can be quite a journey, especially at the bigger light locations where literally hundreds of people can be visiting every night. While the home with Christmas Lighting will be well lit, the homes around it may not. Be courteous to neighbours – try to avoid shining your car lights in their windows, and do what you can to reduce the impact to them – ensuring good neighbour relations and a long future of Christmas lights.

the best christmas lights brisbane


4KQ run a huge competition every year-


Brisbane City Council Bus Tours start on the 19th Dec and run until the 23rd Dec. The tours take 3 hours. To purchase tickets, please head to


If you are wondering how people get on a Christmas light list, it is all in the preparation. Some spend many years gathering a collection of Christmas decorations, often purchasing after the Christmas rush and using websites like HOME, Temple and Webster, Mumgo and other discount sites to add to their collections. Gumtree is another place to check out discounted Christmas lights, but buying from here will not ensure that the lights are safe.

If you are unsure about the safety of your Christmas light display, you should consider getting your local firies out to inspect and you may need to make sure you have proper equipment that separates the lights from your main power source. These are all questions for a professional and if you are looking to have an extreme Christmas lights display, then calling an electrician first for advice may be worthwhile.

If you are like us, and you are more of an observer, then our Christmas Lights list in Brisbane for 2015 is going to be just what you are looking for. We will aim to collate all the winners of the main awards, any emailed directly to us and a host of others that simply can’t commit to the lighting requirements of the main awards. We suggest, in addition to viewing our list, you should check out 4KQ and The Brisbane Times.

To anyone who takes the time to set up Christmas Lights: You should know that you are honouring the spirit of Christmas and keeping it alive for Brisbane Kids everywhere. Driving around and looking at the lights is a tradition for many families and, for us as a family, we really enjoy playing the spot the Christmas lights as we drive around on our way to the bigger displays like yours. Thank you so much for both viewing this list and taking the time to submit your lights, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas in Brisbane with Kids. 

NOTE: These Brisbane Christmas light locations have been sourced from direct emails sent to Brisbane Kids, as well as 4KQRedland City Bulletin, and various individual Facebook pages belonging to locations with large light displays.

Other places you can find Christmas Lights in Brisbane

Keep in mind the lights on this list tend to attract a lot of traffic. Allow yourself plenty of time when travelling. It is good to look at a lot of the local papers for lights because many houses will be featured that wont meet the strict 4kq criteria or simply choose not to participate in such a large promotion.

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  1. kali says:

    Does anyone know where some Xmas lights are in Logan area

  2. Aaron Grogs says:

    Bit of a dissapointing list – whats going on?

  3. Donna says:

    Can anybody tell me what date the Christmas lights go till?
    I don’t think we are going to be able to get around seeing them before Christmas and am hoping they will still be available to see after Christmas Day.

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