Fun Ideas For Teenagers

If you have a teenager then you understand that keeping them happily entertained and out of boredom is no mean feat.  Luckily there are numerous activities, clubs and groups in Brisbane that cater directly for them with programs that are designed specifically for teenagers, their skills and interests. You can also search through ideas for hobbies, courses and party ideas that they may like too.

Helping teenagers become good team members and team building activities happens in schools and with community sport but what about outside these structures? Team building activities in Brisbane for teens are all about building a sense of self, a
For kids, there is nothing better than taking up a new sport or trying an exciting new activity. If your kids love the water, are
For a morning of thrills and excitement, the Pine Rivers BMX track is well worth the visit. Located in England Park on Leitchs
Kayaking is becoming an increasingly popular pastime in Brisbane, and it’s easy to see why. With the beautiful Brisbane River
Learning to drive is a rite of passage for most teens, and here in Brisbane they can apply for a learner licence when they reach
There are many reasons you might find yourself looking into limousine hire and the truth is most of us end up there as our
Nowadays, there is absolutely no reason for tweens and teens to slouch around the house monotonously mumbling ‘I’m bored’,
We all want to keep our kids active, engaged and entertained. We want them to have fun, learn new skills, discover their
Welcome to our growing list of fun things to do in Brisbane for teenagers. With this awesome list of things to do with
Kids are never too old to want a party, but when they reach tweenhood and the following teenage years, it can often be hard to
Those years between being a child and being a teenager can be tough. Suddenly the things kids used to love are now deemed too
Hosting many of Australia’s flora and fauna, Walkabout Creek Adventures is located at Enoggera Reservoir and only a 20-minute
If your child dreams of being able to fly like a superhero, you can make their wish come true at iFly indoor skydiving at
Finally a Mountain Bike Skills Course, in Brisbane suitable for kids. If your kids love mountain bike riding or are keen to try

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