Rainy Day Ideas

When you are looking for the best rainy day ideas in Brisbane you will be looking for a mix or weekday rainy day ideas and weekend rainy day ideas. In addition, we think you probably want some ideas for staying indoors on a rainy day and ideas for braving Brisbane on a rainy day. Rainy Days can prove to be a challenge but we believe that by embracing the time rather than resisting it, you can ensure memories are made on a grand scale.

the queensland museum

We say it all the time.  How very fortunate our Brisbane Kids are to grow up where they do.  But do they (or we for that matter) really understand and appreciate in full just how diverse and unique this land we are lucky... Read More

Learn about the people, places and stories of our city at The Museum of Brisbane

The Museum of Brisbane is located on top of Brisbane City Hall off King George Square, and it holds a significant place in the hearts of Brisbane residents. It’s an iconic symbol of Brisbane’s heart – where locals along with interstate and international visitors can discover and explore the people, places and stories of Brisbane …

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Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane

Give any child some colour pencils, pens, paints and a piece of paper (or a wall if you are unlucky enough to have the adventurous creative who likes to work on a larger canvas) and you have on your hands a little artist.  Usually these simple tools promote deep concentration, tongues clasped firmly between lips …

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Bay Play Centre – The Review

Indoor play centre.  Three beautiful, almost melodic, words that are the source of much happiness when mentioned to any exhausted parent or restless child.  And it’s not hard to see why.  Peek into one at any given time and you are sure to be met with a clash of two worlds blending harmoniously together.  The loud happy …

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Indoor Entertainment Venues in Brisbane for Kids

As beautiful as our Brisbane weather is for a large percentage of the year, some days just call for some indoor play. If you have active Brisbane Kids, the need often arises for them to burn off some energy, which is not always possible indoors at home if the weather is no good. That’s where …

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6 Easy Card Games for Kids

In a doctor’s waiting room, around the dining table on a Saturday night, or in the tent on a rainy camping trip—anytime is the perfect time for playing cards with your Brisbane Kids! If it’s been a while since you’ve shuffled and dealt a deck of cards, here’s a reminder of the rules for six …

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The State Library Queensland | The Corner

The Corner at the State Library for kids The Corner is a permanent space at the State Library Queensland, open every day 10am – 3pm, designed for kids 0-8 years where they can use their hands, minds and bodies to explore and engage in creative play, reading, digital exhibitions and online games with a child …

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Top 10 Places to go on a rainy day in Brisbane with Kids

This follows on from our world famous Best Rainy Day Ideas List in Brisbane for Kids which has over 100 rainy day ideas.. This is a shorter list just incase you are feeling overwhelmed. You were planning a BIG day at the park or beach and now its raining. The kids are bored and its …

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The Brisbane Museum That’s for Kids

The Brisbane Museum That’s for Kids The Brisbane Museum I am talking about is better known as the Queensland Museum and this is a review of it since its 2011/12 renovation. I call it a review, because I took along my three kids- Jack who is 5, Tom who who is 2.5 and Summer who is …

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Tribute to Magic Land

Tribute to We Miss you Magic Land from The Gallery of Modern Art Thanks to Brisbane Mum Lisa I recently took my 3 and a half year old daughter and 1 and a half year old son to the Gallery of Modern Art on Brisbane’s South Bank. There are some truly amazing exhibits there, designed …

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Bird Watching in Brisbane with Kids

Click here for places to take your Brisbane Kids birdwatching!

5 Favourite Home Made Toys

5 Favourite Home Made Toys GUEST BLOGGER: By way of brief introduction I am a North Brisbane mum of one, 18 month old ‘Geekling’.  I work full time and try to cram as much fun and learning into evenings and weekends as possible.  Many of our activities are inspired by the Montessori method and use …

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Draw Me A Star

Star Decoration: Draw me a Star Believe it or not- its less than 100 days til Xmas- but that aside this is a great decoration for any time of year and my kids LOVE this activity because it’s fun to do and the product looks great when it’s finished! Craft Stuff you need Star Templates …

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The Sciencentre | Science Centre South Bank

Attached to the Queensland Museum at South Bank is the Sciencentre. It’s a fantastic destination for families, with many displays that allow visitors to get hands-on and experience science at work. The Sciencentre is the perfect place to introduce your Brisbane Kids to science in a relaxed and interactive environment. Sciencentre permanent exhibitions The Sciencentre is …

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The Gallery Of Modern Art

This is a general listing for the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), located at South Bank. We support this general listing with a specific GOMA for Kids review and another that focuses on the toddler friendly activities at GOMA. The Gallery of Modern Art is situated in the same precinct as the Queensland Museum, State …

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Non Cooking Playdough

  Playdough Recipe- Non Cooking Version. lets face it.. sometimes the last thing we feel like doing is turning on the stove- so this is for those Brisbane Mums who are feeling that way but still want to make playdough! Ingredients for Playdough 1 cup plain flour ½ cup salt 1 tbsp of cream of …

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Playdough Recipe

Playdough Recipe Playdough is the ultimate in fun for Brisbane Kids. Brilliant for fine motor skills and for fun of all sorts from pretend cooking through to making a zoo full of playdough animals. Make some playdough- recipe- Salt 1 1/2 cups Flour 3 cups water 3 cups cream of tartar 6tbsp vege oil 3 …

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40 Rainy Day Ideas

Rainy days when your kids are little are going to be the days that you will miss most when they grow older. Days where you could just stay home and enjoy the sweet sound of rain and snuggle without purpose on the couch reading books and watching movies. Here are forty ideas to make the …

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