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A resource filled with ideas for kids parties from pokemon and frozen decorating to food and budget options.

There are lots of kids all over the world who are going to have a birthday while their country is in lockdown or mandatory isolation. This resource is about bringing together all the best ideas for having a party at home. The ideas in this resource
Think teenagers are too old and mature to have a birthday party with party games? Then think again! Your teen may be too cool for
When hosting a backyard scavenger hunt or throwing a Barbie-themed party is no longer considered ‘cool’ enough for your
Eco-friendly party bags mean less plastic, less stuff and a more considered approach to kids party favours. Many places around
With thousands of awesome parks in and around Brisbane and beautiful Aussie weather, hosting a kids’ birthday party in a park
Kids are never too old to want a party, but when they reach tweenhood and the following teenage years, it can often be hard to
When it comes to kids’ birthday parties, we want to make them special and memorable for our little ones but there’s so much
If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s a party! For them, it’s a really exciting way to celebrate their birthday. They
Superheroes and kids party characters are highly popular, and confidence in choosing the right party entertainment for your
We already have extensive coverage of all of the best kids’ party venues in Brisbane, but what if you’re having a party on
Dinosaurs are popular amongst kids and adults alike, with the mystery of the prehistoric era being the cause of much childhood
Are you over jumping castles? Can't face another bowling birthday? Worried about risk at a trampoline party? Lasertag is
Disco is making a comeback, complete with platform shoes, dance beats and flares, so why not give your kids a disco-riffic
The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a story that has captivated young audiences for decades, so why not celebrate your little one's
Lots of little girls and boys dream of being a fairy or elf at some point, so why not make their dreams come true by throwing a
Peppa Pig seems to be every young child's favourite cartoon character of the moment, with her love of muddy puddles and
Balloons are an inexpensive and fun way to entertain the kids with an endless array of games and activities you can do with them.
We LOVE fairy bread, it’s fun, affordable and incredibly easy to make. It has three ingredients; bread, butter and sprinkles
If your little muggles dream of being witches and wizards, they will love these awesome ideas for a magical Harry Potter
It’s the race that stops a nation every year at 3pm on the first Tuesday of November. Melbourne Cup is an iconic Australian
It’s official: Australians have embraced Halloween, and no more so than our beautiful Brisbane Kids! They love carving pumpkin
Does your Brisbane Kid sit glued to the TV screen bellowing ‘MAP!’ and ‘BACKPACK!’ at the top of their lungs and
Are you planning a Barbie party for your Brisbane Kid's birthday? Then you’ve come to the right place for all of the best
I could never work out why kids love Minions so much. Then I read this description on Wikia, ‘They are impulsive creatures with
I don’t know what it is about dinosaurs but kids just go mad for them, so chances are at some stage you’ll be asked for a
Brisbane Kids of all ages love birthday parties, so we’ve pulled together our guide to the best places for kids’ parties in
What's not to love about a circus?  Whether it’s the animals, clowns, bright colours, big tops or striped accessories a
These crazy heroes in a half-shell seem to have been around forever, and yet Brisbane Kids never seem to tire of them! So for all
Are your Brisbane Kids How to Train Your Dragon obsessed? Do you need some way to keep them happy and fill in time till the
If you are after a truly memorable theme for your Brisbane kid’s next birthday party then nothing shouts happiness and fun more
It may be because your child has reached the age where that little blue engine named Thomas has entered their life and become
Here are 16 ideas for the perfect princess party. First, there was the Peppa phase, then came Dora, now it’s all about
Do you remember when we posted a Pikachu cake of the day on the Brisbane Kids Facebook page and our writer said it was a rabbit
If you’re catering for a crowd, including children, we have the recipe for party success – a Mongolian Barbecue! It’s easy,
If, thanks to your Brisbane Kid, you now know the difference between Autobots and Decepticons, can easily tell your Optimus Prime
Ahoy landlubbers! If yer little scurvy scallywags be wantin' a swashbuckling pirate party, here be how! 1. Pirate Themed
Do you have a tween who is obsessed with Monster High? Surprisingly, a Monster High party theme is completely do-able if
If you have a child who is a huge fan of Fireman Sam or simply dreams of being a fire-fighter then you are going to love these
Minecraft is one of those games that inspires imagination and creativity in boys and girls. The virtual world of Minecraft and
We LOVE these little coloured bricks here at Brisbane Kids and now, thanks to The Lego Movie, not only are mums and dads
Frozen is the movie of the moment with Walt Disney capturing hearts of the young and old. We have kept this in mind as we provide
Every child wants to have fun at their birthday and toddlers are no exception.  There are in fact lots of fun and engaging
Many thanks to Kizanne Walker for writing this article. I have to confess, I am one of those curious, creative people who
Hosting a kids party is so much fun! Even more, fun when you include a handful of fun kids party games to liven the
No party is complete without Sweet Treats! Dessert doesn’t always have to be naughty and make you feel guilty afterwards
When planning a party, the first things that come to mind are stress and getting everything just perfect.  A major concern is
Are you wanting to throw your child a birthday party but don't want to end up with a massive cost? You would be surprised how

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