Easter seems to have crept up on us especially quickly this year! Term one has flown by and now it's time to think about relaxing for the extended weekend. Here are 3 of our favourite tasty Easter treats you can serve over the long weekend. A
Carrots are a fantastic vegetable and we have three fun carrot crafts to do at home and all you need is some
The Easter chocolate Bilby has been around for a few years, albeit often hard to find and quick to leave the shelves. It's been a
If you are having an Easter at home, then we have the best ideas for you! So many, in fact, that we are calling this the ultimate
The humble egg has been the symbol of new life for centuries, and decorating eggs for Easter is a much-loved tradition for many
Easter is traditionally a time for celebrating new life, often symbolised by chocolate or decorated eggs. This easy recipe is a
Yes, you read that correctly.  Just like our long list of all the Christmas movies ever made, below is our list of every
Easter is an annual celebration that is eagerly anticipated by many around the globe (particularly children) and often for
If you are looking for a fun treat for the kids this Easter then have a look at these gorgeously funny Easter Bunny Marshmallow
If it seems like each Easter you buy a new egg basket that is then lost before the next one comes around then this year why not
If you are looking for a super easy, super cute Easter craft than look no further than these adorably quick egg carton
Kids love to craft and at Easter it is no different.  There are plenty of fun, simple and mess-free Easter craft activities you
Sometimes all your need to make an Easter gift that little bit more fun and personal is an adorable handmade accessory that
Are you looking for a creative Easter treat to make with your kids and enjoy with family and friends? Well these cute chick
Easter is the perfect time to enjoy some delicious treats with family and friends, and these super cute, no-bake cookies are the
With Easter egg hunts, a bunny mascot and chocolate aplenty, it’s easy to see why Easter is an exciting time for kids! Yet how
At Brisbane Kids we know that little hands love to create (mess) and that, as parents, the idea of setting them up with a craft
My memory of Easter is going to church and arriving home to be greeted with a day full of food, laughter and time. I remember
Add some excitement to the lead up to Easter with our super-cute Easter colouring pages. These are Australian themed colouring
Easter egg hunts have long been a custom on Easter Sunday morning and are arguably the most anticipated part of all Easter
Easter is one of the best holidays ever - chocolate, hot-cross buns, Easter egg hunts, an extra-long weekend and gorgeous Autumn
Easter is often a time of year usually spent with loved ones, being thankful for one another, having fun and making wonderful new
Easter doesn't just have to be about indulging in chocolate on Easter Sunday. Sure that's a big part of it, but there's plenty of
Brisbane City Council is busting the boredom these Easter school holidays with over 200 exciting and low-cost activities on offer
Holidays with kids can be expensive, so we have written this especially for those looking for FREE and FUN activities for
Easter Holidays in Brisbane is that perfect weather time, not too cold and not too hot making it the ideal time to get out and
Easter is such a special and magical time for kids. The Easter holidays, however, can be a bit more of a challenge for adults!
While the hot-cross buns and Easter eggs have already been on the supermarket shelves long enough for them to be valueless as far
Finding chocolate alternatives to Easter is a necessity for many families and a desire for even more. For some it is about taking
Easter is over or maybe it's only just begun and you are well aware of the sad but delicious excess of chocolate Easter Eggs that
If your kids are anything like ours, Sunday can not come soon enough! Woolworths is selling some really cute felt Easter baskets
The Easter Bunny is one of those iconic figures that Brisbane Kids everywhere will remember meeting. This year, festivals and
A sweet treat to play with first Here is an Easter craft you can do that is not only an adorable and fun little character for
Here's a really easy Easter craft activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. You will need: Some old milk or juice
Help your Brisbane Kid to spoil someone special these Easter craft ideas! This cute chick card with its fun moving beak and this
No-sew soft toy Got a lost sock looking for a buddy?? Why not turn that lost sock into a great Easter Sock Bunny for a fun new
How to Make a Paper Easter Basket This simple basket can be made by Brisbane Kids of all ages from materials you probably

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