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Catholic Education in Brisbane

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EVERY minute of every hour of every day in more than 140 Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) schools, dedicated teachers instil a love of life-long learning and a heart of hope in every student. Across south-east Queensland their teachers partner with parents, teaching, challenging and transforming the lives of thousands of students every day to be the best they can be.

A Catholic education creates a sense of purpose, kindness, honesty and compassion.

Every student is seen as a gift from God to be nurtured and cherished.

Students are taught the skills, morals and values necessary to be well-rounded Christians and citizens of the world.

In a Brisbane Catholic Education school, every student’s unique gifts are recognised and everyday teachers seek opportunities to progress those gifts.

Students are encouraged to develop a sense of belonging and pride in a physical and social setting that is safe, well organised and caring. Individual skills and talents are nurtured, and student achievement and self-esteem are actively promoted.

Mutual respect and trust are seen as keys to developing a robust and positive culture.

An affordable education

Often, parents are unaware of the affordability offered by Catholic schools. However, BCE school fees may be less than imagined, and all families have the opportunity to seek a Catholic education for their child. Families are encouraged to explore the affordability with their choice of school with financial aid available from all BCE schools. Fee remissions, family discounts and other options are possible, and a confidential chat with the principal can point you in the right direction to access these opportunities.

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Students discover their spark in a Catholic school

Life is never boring in a Catholic school

Whether it’s examining ideas through writing, performing, experimenting, presenting, or mastering the skills to think critically – or finding joy in celebration and new discoveries, there is always something exciting and challenging unfolding in a Catholic school. A Catholic education differs from others as it creates a sense of purpose, kindness, honesty and compassion.

The social justice programs are this difference-in-action, with innovative activities and programs that raise awareness and funds for others less fortunate through official agencies of the Catholic Church such as Catholic Mission, Caritas Australia, St Vincent de Paul Society and other Archdiocesan appeals.

On the environmental front, Brisbane Catholic Education is tackling issues such as climate change head-on, designing new school buildings that are environmentally friendly and teaching students to be aware of the world around them through water conservation, energy saving, recycling and local ecological and environmental projects.

The Indigenous cultures are also deeply explored through BCE’s Ngutana-Lui Cultural Studies Centre, where, in an immersive full-day program, students, teachers, parents and caregivers, can experience the living traditions and richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Activities include aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, both traditional and contemporary and all programs are designed to align with the Australian National Curriculum, for all grades from Prep to Year 12 and beyond.

Preparing students for the future

With a pathway to tertiary study for Queensland’s senior students happening, Brisbane Catholic Education schools are well prepared for the changeover. From 2019, a student who starts Year 11 in Queensland will graduate Year 12 with an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank ATAR, replacing the Overall Position (OP). An ATAR is a number ranging between 99.95 (highest) to zero (lowest) which reports a student’s rank position relative to all other Year 12 students. The system will bring Queensland into line with other states and territories around Australia, but it’s a new era for the next generation of senior students, their parents and teachers.

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Catholic schools are ready for the transition from OP to ATAR

To make the move as smooth as possible BCE appointed Wayne Chapman as Senior Project Officer – Senior Schooling to plan and implement a transition program that ensured BCE teachers were at the cutting edge of innovation and substantially prepared for this major transition, Wayne said preparation processes across BCE’s 34 secondary colleges had been strategic and thorough.

“We have been preparing for the transition since the Queensland Government commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to conduct a major independent review of Queensland senior assessment and tertiary entrance processes in 2013,” he said.

“Our students will enter into this new phase of learning, well placed to journey through their final two years of Catholic education, to become the best they can be, young people who can make a difference in our world, in their life post-school.”

BCE also recognised that effective Vocational Learning was essential, so a student’s learning journey best reflected their interests and aspirations in the future.  Catholic schools aim was to future-proof students as they prepare them for the careers of the emerging workplaces of the future. Today’s students will have up to 17 different career roles during their lifetime. To give students the best education, it is critical to shift the mindset away from a linear pathway or single career outcome.

A new approach to vocational learning

While traditional vocational education barely scratches the surface, Vocational Learning overhauls how Catholic schools help students.

The Vocational Learning, which begins in Year 7, helps students develop a portfolio of skills that can deepen over time and become highly portable across many roles and industries.

It teaches them adaptable capabilities as early as possible, providing more specialist career development staff in schools, tertiary pathway support, and work-related partnership opportunities.

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Students are empowered to make the transition from school to the careers of the future

Why choose a BCE school?

Brisbane Catholic Education is committed to high-quality learning and teaching. They offer a holistic education comprising academic, sporting, cultural and social aspects, presented in a rich and balanced curriculum with spiritual and faith dimensions. The community of more than 140 schools within the Archdiocese of Brisbane, founded on Christ, is at the service of our students, families, society and the Church.

From humble beginnings in 1845 when Mary and Michael Bourke opened the first Catholic school on the site of the current Myer Centre in Elizabeth Street, the mission has expanded, teaching, challenging and transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands Prep to Year 12 students from Childers in the north, west to Kingaroy and south to the NSW border. Their Catholic schools are welcoming communities where those of different cultural backgrounds and faith traditions can feel at home, and every student is given the opportunity to experience success by reaching their full potential in all aspects of school life.

BCE also has renewed its focus on sustainability with healthy eating and physical activities playing an important role in the mix within our community of schools.

The students excel in a variety of cultural pursuits such as music, arts and drama while in the sporting arena, students achieve representation at state, national and international levels in numerous sports.

Many students gain scholarships to university while others move on to a wide variety of professional and technical careers.

Places in many Catholic schools fill quickly, so do not delay in enrolling your child in your local school.

Take a campus tour, hear from our teachers, learn about our unique approach to pastoral care and chat with current students.

Each child is seen as unique, wonderous and capable of great things.

Discover their spark, strength and spirit with a Catholic education.

To find your nearest Catholic school visit www.brisbanecatholicschools.com.au



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