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Brisbane Kids is the official guide to child friendly Brisbane- Events, Activities and Things to do.

Our website is AWESOME.. quality over quantity.. we curate rather than list. Hunt and gather.

We have a kick ass social media following of over 100,000 Families.. they’re an engaged group.. wanting to live large, love lots and make memories with their kids often.

We are multi platform. We are listeners, movers, believers, idealists. 

The Talent


2013-12-01 15.17.00 Ngaire Stirling. Qualified early childhood teacher once did a marketing/journalism type degree.. SEO and social media obsessed. Sold lots of different things for lots of different people for a long time. All perfect training to run a website and business like Brisbane Kids. A mum with real issues including an inability to appreciate lack of sleep.. wants more. 3 awesome kids under 7 years of age ensuring that Brisbane Kids is full of variety and perspective. Head hunter of cool things to do in Brisbane with Kids as well as social media moderator… . If you want to talk to her or find out about social media consultations then email Ngaire at [email protected] or call her on 0410381952


brooke powell Brooke has been writing for Brisbane Kids since 2012, when she submitted a park review for us and was ‘discovered’. Prior to stumbling upon her talent for stringing words together in spectacular fashion, Brooke worked in roles for high profile companies including Allianz Insurance, Marks & Spencer and Westpac. A strong regard for superior customer service, coupled with a passion for discovering awesome things to do and places to visit with her daughters and husband makes her perfect for both reviewing and advocating experiences for Brisbane Kids.

Events Manager

kate Kate is a proud mum to her three beautiful children so finding awesome events for other Brisbane families is not only great fun for her but she finds it very rewarding.After working as a Pharmacy Manager for a bit over 10 years, she needed a change and Brisbane Kids has allowed her to the chance to learn new things at the same time working for the public which she loves.


melanie byers In a previous life, Melanie threw the obligatory hat in the air on graduating with a degree in Communications, packed her bags and spent 15 years working for the film and television industry in London and Australia. After years as a VFX Producer though she decided to produce something a little more personal and left to create one of her greatest achievements yet in the labour ward. A few years (and another beautiful daughter) later Melanie discovered Brisbane Kids while searching for things to do locally with her girls and not long after we discovered her. Melanie has a passion for writing and a love for gathering and creating memories with her family – especially while her girls are so young. To her, writing for BK is a dream job.

Adventure Writer & Crafter

sarah laing Sarah is the Brisbane Kids adventure writer.  She was blessed with dedicated parents who wove a beautiful childhood filled with unique and whimsical memories.  As a mother she is determined to do the same for her little Brisbane Kids.   Any given day she will find adventures; near, far and wide as she explores this beautifully magic city and its surrounds.   Glorious childhood memories are around every corner. As a dyslexic person she worried her writing would never be good enough for a public audience.  Brisbane Kids has given her the confidence she could have only dreamed of and has let her soar under the supportive wings of the Brisbane Kids Team.

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

marie o'neill Marie O’Neill is a Brisbane based Designer and Illustrator and mum of two. Originally from Sydney, Marie worked in a variety of creative industries before starting a family. After relocating to Brisbane in search of a better work-life balance, Marie started her own business to allow her to work from home and has never looked back. Marie has worked with many fabulous brands around the country and loves to share her creative passion with her clients. Brisbane Kids uses Marie O’Neill Design + Illustration for original artwork and graphic design

Political Advisor

katie forsythe

Life at Brisbane Kids HQ is not all about unicorns and glitter, there are some serious aspects too. As the BK Political Advisor, Katie’s role is to help steer the Brisbane Kids team away from any foreseeable stormy dramas and provide an objective sounding board. With a degree in Business Communications and extensive media experience Katie is the ideal person to provide support and direction. Even better, with three Brisbane kids under seven of her own, Katie is in touch with the vision and purpose of Brisbane Kids.

Food Columnist

Niki Profile Pic

Niki is a dynamic, talented Naturopath and Blood Microscopist. She is trained in Australia and the USA, with a specialised interest in nutrition, acid/alkaline balance and blood health. She is the only Naturopathically trained Blood Microscopist in Australia to have worked with and be taught by the ‘The pH Miracle’s’ Dr Robert Young. Nutrition is one of Niki’s passions. She uses ‘food as medicine’ to help people overcome various health challenges, as well as designing complete health programmes to help them reach all their goals.









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