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Zuperkit, kids travel activity kit

Holidays – a time to relax, unwind and enjoy new surroundings. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges families face when travelling with young children is the journey, be it a long haul flight, an epic road-trip, sailing the seas, or chugging through the countryside on a train. What would you say if we told you there was a product that could help alleviate the boredom and stress of travelling with children?

Zuperkit is a Gold Coast business that specialises in ready-made and bespoke travel kits perfect for entertaining children whilst travelling. The travel kit is ideal to use when travelling, however the fun does not have to stop when the travel does! Activities that haven’t been completed can be finished at home, when dining out at a restaurant, on a rainy day, or even saved for the next family adventure.

Why not surprise your kids with a Zuperkit for your next holiday? Wrap it up and present it to them when you begin the journey. They will love the idea of getting a present and enjoy discovering all the goodies jam-packed into the Zuperkit.

Reasons to buy a Zuperkit Travel Kit for your next family holiday

Zuperkit, kids travel activity kit

  1. It provides a variety of screen-free activities
  2. It contains a pack full of products that are educational, fun and stimulating
  3. It’s compact and portable
  4. It’s the perfect way to amuse children when travelling, on a rainy day, at a restaurant, or just when you need some quiet time

Zuperkit Review

Zuperkit, kids travel activity kit

We love to travel as a family; to places near and far. Exposing the children to different cities and cultures helps them develop and learn about the wonderful world we live in. But, I must admit, aside from packing and unpacking, the other part of travel that I loathe is getting to and from the holiday destination. I am always trying to think of new ways to entertain Mr 5 and Miss 4 when we travel, so I was very excited to try out the Zuperkit. Zuperkit is a ready-made backpack full of fun and educational products that will have your little one creating and learning in no time.

After initially rifling through the backpack to see what it contained, Master 5 chose to use the scratch pad. After scratching away various parts of the picture, colours began to reveal themselves; all without the need for coloured pencils. He then moved onto the glitter stickers, designing underwater scenes. His favourite product was, however, the ‘travel activity pad.’ The pad contains nearly 200 pages of varying activities, including mazes, dot-to-dots, quizzes, how to draw activities, jokes, sudokus and more. Miss 4 also got in on the action and had a great time playing with the slap band and helping piece together the scenes in the reusable sticker book.

As a parent, I loved that everything was easily contained in a bright backpack (with a name tag attached). The products were educational, age-appropriate, quiet, mess-free and stimulating. I even joined in on the fun by playing quiz master with the many quizzes contained in the travel activity pad (do you know which ocean is so deep it could cover Mount Everest???). Overall, the biggest bonus was that the Zuperkit kept the kids entertained for hours and off the screens!!

Where to buy a Zuperkit

Zuperkit, kids travel activity kit

Zuperkits start from $29.95 and can be purchased online at https://zuperkit.com.au/.

Zuperkit provided Brisbane Kids with a Zuperkit for the purpose of reviewing this travel activity kit for kids. All opinions contained in this article are those of the writer.

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