Yayoi Kusama’s Brisbane Obliteration Room at GOMA for kids

A child doing free art at GOMA


Conceptual art installations and toddlers might not seem like an obvious fit, but the obliteration room at GOMA is the ultimate exercise in accessible art. It’s also one room you’ll be delighted to watch your kids ‘obliterate’.

The installation by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama opened this weekend with the first of thousands of brightly coloured dots being stuck on white walls, furniture, teapots and guitars. Over the next four months the dots will build up until every trace of white has been obscured.

When kids arrive at the Children’s Art Centre, they’re given a sheet of 28 dots and permission to stick them anywhere. The room itself is the ultimate blank canvas, full of interesting white furniture and objects, all of which are firmly stuck in place.

View our video to get an idea of how awesome The Obliteration Room at GOMA is for kids of all ages

Kids of all ages will enjoy this fabulous exhibition which last came to Brisbane in 2011. There’s also a multimedia game called Kusama’s World of Dots 2005 which can be accessed from computers at the gallery or online.

We can’t wait to see the obliteration room at GOMA in a few months time. It’s the perfect excuse to spend a day in Brisbane’s fabulous cultural precinct.

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The obliteration room at GOMA is on at the Children’s Art Centre – park level – GOMA, Stanley Place, South Brisbane. It’s FREE and runs from the 6th December 2014 until the 19th April 2015.

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