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Wading pool and slide

Located on the Wynnum Esplanade and right next to Wynnum Whale Park and Pandanus Beach, Wynnum Wading Pool is the perfect spot for Brisbane Kids to cool down in shallow waters on a hot summers day.

Wynnum Wading Pool – The Fun

Wynnum Esplanade is home to a range of fun-filled activities for Brisbane Kids and right in the heart of it all is the Wynnum Wading Pool.    The perfect place to cool down, the pool is rimmed by concrete steps and a few ramps making access easy for all and gives parents and carers and ideal vantage point for those playing in its cooling waters.

Situated at one end of the pool is a small, twisting slide that children of all ages can enjoy.  There are also numerous shaded picnic tables, barbeques, fish and chip eateries and restaurants nearby for a quick lunch.  The nearby bike paths, Manly Jetty and Whale Park water play space and playground mean that you can easily move between different activities as you enjoy a full day by and in the water.

Historic fact: Wynnum Wading Pool was built during the 1930 depression as a way to provide employment for locals. 

How deep is Wynnum Wading Pool

Safer than playing in the actual ocean itself, the large, oval-shaped pool fills with seawater at high tide and measures a huge 128m by 54m, and is 0.75m deep at the centre. This means tthe pool is over 2 and a half times the size of an olympic sized swimming pool. 

Slide into wading pool

Imagination Factor

Children can have fun pretending they are swimming out in the wide ocean, become pirates as they navigate the nautical-themed playground or simply become baby sharks and mermaids as they wander and dip beneath the pool’s cool surface.

Special Needs

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located right next to the pool. There are also multiple spots to enter the pool via wheelchair-friendly ramps.  Multiple shaded eating areas and bbq’s surround the pool and there are many shops and cafes within easy walking distance for snacks and supplies. Parking is located near the pool so it’s not too far to walk and the closest bus stop is Pandanas Beach.

Wynnum Wading Pool opening hours

Wynnum wading pool doesn’t have specific opening hours, however high tide is the best time to visit as that is when the tidal pools fills up. 

Wynnum Wading Pool – The Facts

  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Wading pool (high tide)
  • Water play features (slide and water park next door). Read our review of Wynnum Whale Park to find out more about these features. 
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Sheltered picnic tables
  • Barbecues
  • Soldier crabs on the beach at low tide
  • Jetty
  • Beachside location

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Wynnum Wading Pool is located on Wynnum Esplanade, Wynnum

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