Wynnum BMX Track

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Calling all active Brisbane kids, we’ve found yet another fantastic BMX track waiting for you to test! Located in Wynnum, this BMX track is one of the best we’ve uncovered by far.

BMX is a great family activity for all ages and no prior experience or skill is required, read our guide to BMX riding in Brisbane to learn more. So pack the kids and the bikes and head on down for some thrills and hopefully not too many spills.

The Track

bmx riding track wynnum

When the track isn’t being used by the club the starting gate is locked down, and across the top of the starting hill is a gate to protect the starting gate. Although you won’t be able to get as much speed, it’s still a good start.

There are various grades of hills so there’s something for every rider, whether you’ve got a confident daredevil or a very cautious rider. Each of the berms (corners) are bitumen and so is the finish line. The rest of the track is dirt. There’s something about a real finish line, you’ll notice a sudden burst of energy from the bandits and some serious dust flying.

Planning your visit to the Wynnum BMX track

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The Wynnum BMX track is maintained by the Bayside BMX Club. A very friendly and community orientated crew, they run lessons for all age groups. From the smallest of small, to the more experienced, all levels of experience are catered for.

Lessons are held Tuesday evenings. Race meetings are Friday evenings.

The Bayside BMX Club website has a calendar at www.bmxaustralia.com.au/southqld/bayside/en-au/clubhome.aspx so check it out before leaving home to avoid disappointment. Outside of these times the track may be accessed by the general public.

BMX courtesy

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While the track can’t be closed off and isn’t officially closed during wet weather, please be mindful of track conditions for personal safety. Damage to the track is also more likely when it is wet so please be a courteous rider. Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt!

Dressing appropriately isn’t a bad idea either. Long trousers and shirts, enclosed sturdy footwear and a helmet are a good place to start. Bring along a tyre pump and small repair kit so if something goes wrong it doesn’t ruin your trip.

Special Needs

toilets at wynnum bmx track

The track is tucked up at the end of the cul de sac, and there is plenty of parking in the carpark. Spectators are catered for with two main shelters with tables and chairs, and being set in a bush location, there are plenty of shady trees. Public bathrooms are located adjacent to the carpark, with wheelchair and standard stalls.

The Facts

  • Closed when in use by the Bayside BMX Club
  • Starting hill gated and only used by Bayside BMX Club
  • Dirt and bitumen track
  • Not closed in bad weather, use your better judgement
  • Carparking onsite
  • Bathroom adjacent to carpark with wheelchair and standard stalls
  • Shaded tables and chairs
  • Once you’ve managed to get the kids back to the car, why not head down to the Wynnum waterfront to get some fish and chips to end a brilliant day.
  • At the same location you’ll find a track for 2WD radio controlled cars which is used by the Bayside Radio Control Car Club www.wynnumrc.org.au and Brisbane Bayside Steam Railway Society’s train track which runs miniature steam trains on the 1st and 3rd of each month www.brisbanebaysidesteamrailway.com.au

The Wynnum BMX Track is part of Kianawah Road Park and located on the corner of 1994 Wynnum Road and Network Drive at Wynnum West.

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