Winter Attractions In Brisbane – Where to take your Brisbane Kids when it gets cold!

Brisbane is gorgeous in the winter time. With beautiful, clear sunny skies and plenty of sunshine, our weather just begs families to get out there and enjoy. So many fun and low-cost (or even free) attractions in Brisbane can be even more enjoyable in winter. This list of ideas will ensure that your Brisbane Kids have a heap of fun whilst making the most of our wonderful weather.

Kids attractions at the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival

While a race track isn’t usually an ideal kids attraction, the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival turns horse racing into a family event by including a Family Zone with free rides and attractions for kids.

EKKA 2012

Regional Shows Around Brisbane

‘Tis the season for some pretty awesome local shows. The Ekka is coming in August. Let’s all take a moment to get excited!

If you can’t wait that long, stay tuned to Brisbane Kids for all the exciting (and affordable) mini shows over the winter period, including –

The Ipswich Show in May offers attractions for kids of all ages including your tween and teen including concerts, show jumping, rides, markets, rural exhibitions and so much more.

The Redcliffe Show in June includes ponies, rides, exhibits, a mini circus and plenty to see and do for your Brisbane Kids.

The Pine Rivers Show in July offers a weekend of fun and fireworks, family attractions, events, competitions and so much more.

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Fun on the Brisbane River

Discover so many fun things to do on the Brisbane River

There’s nothing better than cruising the Brisbane River on a sunny day. If you have a small budget, rug up the kids to keep out the cool wind, grab a Go Card and jump on and off the City Cats and ferries for the day. Explore the length of the river from the University of Queensland at St Lucia, all the way down to Northshore Hamilton. For a super-cheap day out within the CBD, try out the awesome CityHopper ferry service that connects all of the best attractions in Brisbane city for free! We’ve done a full run-down on enjoying the Brisbane River in our article Fun on the Brisbane River. There are just so many options!


Explore Brisbane’s fantastic playgrounds and parks

We love our Brisbane parks and playgrounds and winter is the perfect time to discover a new favourite. Every beautiful, sunny day provides the opportunity to pick one of the incredible WOW playgrounds from our Brisbane Parks Map and take the kids out on a fun-filled adventure. We’ve reviewed the best attractions in Brisbane parks to make it easy to pick an awesome playground perfectly suited to your Brisbane Kids’ abilities and interests.

whales queensland museum

Spend the day at one (or more) of South Bank’s top spots

South Bank is a hub of excitement for Brisbane Kids all year ’round, but is just lovely in the cooler months. Brisbane’s cultural precinct is the perfect day trip destination for families, with free attractions such as the super kid-oriented Corner at the Queensland State Library, the Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA and the Queensland Museum. For some really fun attractions at Southbank that do include a small cost, check out the Wheel of Brisbane, the amazing Sciencentre or the Maritime Museum that’s perfect for your little ocean fanatics. Check out our full list of galleries and museums here.

Staying in Lamington National Park

Escape the city for a day trip adventure with your Brisbane Kids

When you’ve exhausted all that Brisbane has to offer, pack a picnic lunch, some spare clothes, jump in the car and head out of the city on a day trip. Pick a direction and just drive! Meander through the countryside – we are so lucky to have so many destinations within close reach and a relatively short drive from home. Stop in a park for morning tea, pick a cool pub to enjoy a budget lunch and have a real family adventure. Just be sure to let us know if you find somewhere extra cool that Brisbane Kids should uncover for everyone to enjoy!

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